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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 997 | Simple Silence

Chapter 997

This is the first time she has laughed so happily in the past few days.

At 10 o’clock in the morning, Celia’s funeral was held at the funeral home.

After the memorial ceremony, Celia was sent to be cremated.

Elliot held Layla in one hand and a tissue in the other to wipe her tears.

“Let’s go home!” Avery said.


After coming out of the funeral home, they were going to the parking lot.

At this moment, a shadow came out, took the microphone, and asked Elliot, “Mr. Foster, did you really do the demolition of the Tierney family?”

The bodyguard immediately pushed the reporter away.

Elliot saw that his daughter was frightened, and planned to carry her daughter into the car first.

But Avery’s footsteps were still in place.

Elliot may not care what the outside world says about him, but Avery does!

“Do you know how the girl who was sent away at the memorial service just now died?” Avery took the reporter’s microphone and said loudly, “The girl’s name is Celia. She is only six and a half years old this year, less than seven years old. She was your Daughter’s classmate. She was poisoned by Chelsea. Do you have children? If your child was poisoned, would you come to the memorial service to clean up the murderer?!”

The reporter was ashamed when asked Face: “Ms. Tate, I don’t mean to clean up the Tierney family. I just watched Mrs. Tierney’s interview…”

“If you don’t clean up the Tierney family, then why do you ask the Tierney family to kill Elliot?” What did you do? Do you have any evidence?” Avery retorted word by word, “I didn’t watch Madam Tierney’s interview, but since Madam Tierney is still alive, why do you say that the Tierney family is destroyed? Madam Tierney is not a human being?”

Reporter: “…”

“Instead of asking here, you might as well investigate carefully and see how much good things the Tierney family has done over the years!” Avery returned the microphone to the reporter.

After Avery got into the car, her cheeks were slightly red, but she was still a little excited.

Elliot twisted a bottle of water and handed it to her: “Thank you for defending me just now.”

Avery took a sip and said, “I’m not defending you, I’m telling him the truth. I know you don’t bother to explain to these reporters, but This is a funeral home, how dare these people come here to block people?”

Elliot said, “They want to make big news.”

Avery said, “No matter what news, it must be based on the principle of fact.”

Elliot said, “Let’s go home first.”


After returning home and having lunch, Elliot took Avery back to the room.

“Why are you pulling me into the room in a hurry?” Avery’s heart beat fast when she saw him closing the door.

“What’s in that courier in the morning?” Elliot wanted to help her solve the trouble.

Avery’s scalp exploded, and she didn’t understand why Elliot would ask this.

“Didn’t I tell you this morning?”

Elliot said frankly, “Layla said that you were very unhappy after reading the documents inside. She was worried about you, so she told me.”

Avery was very moved that her daughter was worried herself, but her small mouth is too incapable of keeping secrets.

Avery took a deep breath and sat down beside the bed: “Didn’t I do a DNA test for my patient? The test results show that my patient’s genes are unusual. In his genes, there is a kind of ancient times. The genes of the extinct gorilla…”

Elliot was fascinated.

“Can you accept that you are not who you are now?” Avery saw that he was stunned, so she asked tentatively, “For example, you are not actually the young master of the Foster family…”

“Am I a gorilla in ancient times?” Elliot asked back.

“I didn’t say you were a gorilla, I meant…”

“I know what you mean. Humans actually have a common ancestor. It’s a fact that scientists have long discovered.” Elliot told her.

Elliot temples throbbed.

“Of course I can’t accept that I’m not who I am now.” After a moment of silence, Elliot answered her last question, “Just like I can’t accept that I’m a gorilla.”

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