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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 994 | Simple Silence

Chapter 994

Avery came out of the bedroom, and when she heard Mrs. Cooper recite this sentence, a cold sweat broke out on her back!

The identification results of Elliot and Cole’s came out.

She got a text message on her phone. She did not expect that the identification center would send the paper results directly to her home.

“Mrs. Cooper, is there my courier?” Avery walked over pretending to be casual and took the courier from Mrs. Cooper.

She could feel Elliot and Mrs. Cooper looking at her curiously.

Because this courier is sent by the paternity test center.

Normal people would naturally guess whether she went to the testing center and did a paternity test.

Elliot stood up from the sofa and walked towards her.

“It was I who asked this identification center to do a genetic test for one of my patients because he had a strange disease… This matter is more complicated, and now the patient’s disease is almost healed. Avery said, looked at Elliot and reminded, “Today you are going to Celia’s funeral, why don’t you change your clothes?”

Elliot raised his wrist and glanced at his watch: “Isn’t the funeral 10 o’clock? It’s only 8 now.” It’s still early.”

“Oh, then you can continue to play with Robert! I’ll go and change Layla’s clothes.” Avery took the courier and walked towards her daughter’s room.

These days, Layla has been resting at home.

Avery and Elliot wanted to take her out to play, but she refused to go.

Layla plays the piano, watches TV, and plays with toys at home every day, and is much quieter than before. If she used to be a lively bird, she is now a quiet little dragonfly.

Avery pushed open the door of the child’s room, and immediately closed the door after entering.

She took the document out of the courier bag and opened it quickly to see the identification result.

Identification opinion: According to the DNA analysis results, it is ruled out that the uncle sample A and the nephew sample B are related by blood.

Sample A is Elliot, and sample B is Cole.

Because she didn’t want to reveal her privacy, she used sample A and sample B as proxy names.

Seeing this result, Avery’s body couldn’t stop shaking slightly!

Although she had already made the worst plan, she was still deeply stimulated to see the result!

Elliot is not from the Foster family. It’s no wonder that looking at the albums of his childhood, around the age of five, he looks different.

Because the child was replaced!

The real Elliot suffers from the same disease as Shea.

The Foster family claimed that Elliot’s illness was cured by a divine healer. In fact, where did the miraculous doctor come from, but they replaced a healthy child!

And that real Elliot… very likely… is Adrian!

From the first time she saw Adrian, she felt familiar.

She always thought that it was because she missed Shea too much that she kept seeing the shadow of Shea in Adrian. Unexpectedly…

She took a deep breath and decided to find a chance to combine Adrian’s DNA with Cole to make a comparison!

If it is determined that Adrian is from the Foster family…she took a deep breath! If she was sure that Adrian was from the Foster family, she didn’t know what to do.

She hopes that Adrian will leave the White family.

But thinking that the current Foster family is not the former Foster family, Henry Foster and Cole Foster are no better than Nathan.

The most important thing is that Elliot may not be able to accept this result.

“Mom, what are you looking at?” Layla immediately came over to see her mother’s serious expression.

Avery folded the identification result, put it in her pocket, and tore off the courier bag.

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