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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 993 | Simple Silence

Chapter 993

Listening to Elliot’s deep voice, Avery’s eyes suddenly became a little sour.

Obviously Avery didn’t say anything, but Elliot seemed to sense it.

Elliot said hoarsely, “Avery, do you want to cry? I’ll go with you! The company’s business is not important.”

Avery took a breath: “I’m fine. It’s just that my daughter was almost poisoned and I feel bad. I can’t imagine how painful it would be to lose her. I can’t imagine…”

“I know. I can’t lose her either. She won’t be eating all three of her meals at school.”

“Um. You Let’s take care of the company first! I’ll sleep with Layla for a while. Okay. Call me if you have anything.”


Layla was sitting on the sofa in a beautiful nightdress, holding her favorite rag doll in her arms, and the expression on her face was melancholy not her age. Usually she is the pistachio of this family, no matter who she sees, she is very enthusiastic and active.

Now she is silent and sullen, so everyone doesn’t know how to coax for a while.

“Let’s go eat first! I’ll accompany you outside to wait for Hayden. I asked the bodyguard to pick Hayden back early today.” Avery told everyone. Then she took Layla and walked out.

Everyone went to the dining room and sat down.

Tammy asked, “Has Chelsea’s body been disposed of?”

Chad replied, “She was taken away by her mother.”

Tammy asked again, “Oh, I thought their family was gone! What will happen to their company? Her mother definitely doesn’t do business, right?”

Chad glanced at Elliot, and then replied: “Trust Capital will be annexed by my boss. In the future, there will be no more Trust Capital company.”

Tammy said, “Haha! As I said, she will be punished. She will die horribly! I’m right!”

Jun held Tammy’s hand under the table, “Tammy, let’s not talk about Chelsea! Layla today Stimulated, let’s talk about something else!”


After a while, Hayden returned home.

After hearing what happened today, Hayden gives Layla a hug.

“Brother, I almost died.”

“Layla, you’re not dead.” Hayden let go of her, “Since you’re not dead, don’t cry.”

Layla’s eyes were a little red and swollen: “I’m not crying. I’m just scared.”

Brother is here, don’t be afraid.” Hayden took her hand and led her to the living room.

“Brother, Dad is here.” Layla reminded.

Hayden: “I know.”

It would be strange if Elliot didn’t come with such a serious incident.

“Dad said he would stay with me at our house for the next few days.” Layla whispered to her brother, “Brother, will you be angry?”

“Do you want him to accompany you?” Hayden asked.

Layla lowered her eyes and said nothing.

“Since you want him to accompany you, your brother won’t be angry.” Hayden compromised.

If it weren’t for such a serious incident today, Hayden would not compromise.

Layla’s place in his heart was as important as his mother’s.

Five days later.

A courier will be sent to Starry River Villa.

Mrs. Cooper took the courier in, and Elliot, who was sitting on the sofa, asked, “What is it?”

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