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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 992 | Simple Silence

Chapter 992

Sterling Group.

Below the building, there was a crowd of people watching the excitement.

On the ground, He could only vaguely see a red figure swaying on the rooftop.

“I heard that this woman in red was the former manager of Sterling Group’s PR department! She stayed by Elliot’s side for more than ten years, but she didn’t get her name in the end, and she was heartbroken. Now she want to die, and she want to die here! What a stupid woman!”

“Is that the one who was disfigured not long ago?”

“Yes! She was very beautiful at first, but she was disfigured in a fire. What a pity! If she was not disfigured before, she could not get Elliot’s heart. After the disfigurement, Elliot couldn’t see it. F*ck her!”

“There are so many women that Elliot looks down on. Do they all jump off the building like her? Is it her own problem?”

“Who knows the private life of the rich? I just I think she is so miserable and pitiful now!”

“There is a saying that a poor person must have something to hate. If I were to die, I would never die in someone else’s company. There are so many people in the building still working, this Are women lacking in virtue?”

Everyone was discussing incessantly, and at this time, the fire rescue team came.

After the police car stopped in front of the building, firefighters quickly got out of the car and prepared to carry out rescue work.

On the rooftop, Chelsea looked at the crowd of people downstairs and showed a hideous smile.

“It’s over… it’s over…”

she muttered, and then jumped up and down!

In the Hospital.

Avery brought Layla for a physical examination, and when the test results were waiting, Layla fell asleep in Avery’s arms.

Avery sent Mike a message and asked him to come to the hospital.

After sending the message, she looked at the big screen in front of the hall.

The noon news is playing on the big screen.

“Now there is an emergency news, someone committed suicide in the Sterling Group Building, causing traffic congestion. Remind drivers and friends to detour, and remind everyone to cherish life…”

With the voice of the anchor Then, the picture of Sterling Group Building appeared on the screen.

The front of the building has been cordoned off. Outside the cordon, there are onlookers, and inside the cordon, there are corpses with mosaics.

Because Chelsea was wearing a red dress, after sizing, it looked like a cloud of red, like a pool of bright red blood.

Avery’s body was tense, and her heart was chilled from the inside out!

who is it?

Why do she want to jump off the building at Sterling Group?

After a while, Mike rushed to the hospital and took Layla from her arms.

She went to the window to get the test results.

The test results showed that were normal.

Avery breathed a sigh of relief.

Mike whispered, “Avery, Chelsea is dead. She jumped from the building in Elliot’s company.”

“I saw the news.” Avery’s emotions were already calmer, but when Mike mentioned this, she was still angry.” D*mn she! She wants to poison Layla, she is too vicious! How can children be involved in the grievances and grievances between adults?!”

Mike looked at Layla’s sleeping face and said distressedly: “Fortunately, Layla has a great life.”

“But Layla’s classmate was poisoned to death. That’s also a treasure held in the palm of other people’s hands!”

Mike said, “Avery, let’s go back first! There are too many people here. We only passed today. For a long time, so many terrible things have happened one after another, let’s go back first, don’t let anything happen again.”

Back at the Starry River Villa, Elliot called.

He just returned to Avonsville.

Avery said, “Layla is fine, she’s asleep. Go and deal with your company’s affairs first! Then I’ll go to your place later.”

Elliot hesitated for a few seconds, “Avery, stay home with your daughter for the next few days! Don’t worry about sending her to school.”

“Thank you.”

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