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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 990 | Simple Silence

Chapter 990

Elliot’s heart suffocated, and then he said sharply: “Avery! Stay where you are now! I’ll let the bodyguards pick you up and the child!”

If it wasn’t for her reminder, he never thought that Chelsea might escape to Avonsville.

The more dangerous the place, the safer it is.

Moreover, what Chelsea is thinking about now may not be to hide, but to pull a few backs before dying!

Although he still doesn’t know what happened at Layla’s school, the teacher asked the parents to take the child home, something very serious must have happened!

Avery’s heart was beating in shock by his reminder.

In the traffic, the red light goes out and the green light turns on. She was in a hurry to pick up Layla from school, so she couldn’t listen to him.

Avery made up her mind, “I should be fine. If Chelsea really came to trouble me, she wouldn’t necessarily be able to hurt me. I’m going to Layla’s school soon, I’ll go and bring Layla back first. “

Elliot was also worried about his daughter, so he understood her anxiety.

“Then you pay attention to safety.”


After hanging up the phone, Avery stepped on the accelerator and continued to drive towards the Central Primary School.

In the Central Primary School, several police cars and an ambulance were parked outside the courtyard.

Avery stopped the car on the side of the road, got out of the car in a hurry, and ran towards the school gate!

“I heard that a child died…a first grade…a little girl…”

“How did it die? Was the child sick, or was there an accident? “

I don’t know! Wait for the school’s announcement! I’m afraid that my child will have a psychological shadow now, and I won’t dare to come to school in the future. This is too scary!”

“I heard that the dead child was from the third class of the first grade. Are any of you the parents of the third class? Do the parents of the third class have any inside information?” , our other classes also suspend, it’s really unlucky! I don’t know when it will be back to normal!”

“What kind of unlucky suspension of classes is! The one with the dead child is really unlucky!”


Avery heard their words After talking, the body becomes stiff and cold!

Layla is in the third class of the first grade.

A little girl died in Class 3. Maybe this little girl was Layla’s playmate. Even if she wasn’t a playmate, she was a classmate and she saw every day. This would be a big blow to Layla!

When the teacher handed Layla to Avery, he explained the matter to Avery: “Ms. Tate, the child in the accident is called Celia, and the two of them sat together to eat at noon today. The accident happened before Celia’s meal was finished, and I am initially suspecting it. It’s food poisoning. Because Celia’s entrance examination is normal and she doesn’t have any disease. Now take Layla to the hospital for a checkup to see if there is any problem with Layla’s body.”

Avery nodded: “Okay, I’ll take Layla to the hospital now. “

Avery came out of school with her red-eyed daughter in her arms.

Layla usually sees her and has endless words to say, but now she has not said anything until she sits in the child seat.

Not even shouting ‘mama’.

Avery sat down beside her daughter and asked in a low voice, “Layla, tell mom, are you feeling unwell?”

Layla froze for a moment, then shook her head.

“Mom knows that you were frightened, and so does my mother. When the school and the hospital investigate clearly, they will tell us why she left us.” Avery held her daughter’s cool little hand and coaxed patiently.

Layla’s eyes filled with tears, and when she opened her mouth, tears rolled down her cheeks: “Celia died from eating cherries. She ate my cherries… It must be poisonous cherries !”

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