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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 989 | Simple Silence

Chapter 989

Layla heard the scream and immediately returned to the seat just now.

This girl named ‘Celia’ is the girl sitting next to her to eat.

Just now she only cared about eating for herself and didn’t pay attention to Celia’s state. Why did Celia fall asleep suddenly?

“Celia?” a friend stretched her hand and patted the ‘sleeping’ Celia, and asked in puzzlement, “Celia! What’s wrong with you, Celia?”

At this moment, the teacher came following the sound.

“Teacher! Celia is asleep! I can’t wake her up! Why is she sleeping so deeply!” Some students wondered aloud.

When the teacher saw Celia’s table, the food didn’t move, but there were two boxes for cherries.

One of the cherries in one box has already been eaten, and there are still three uneaten in the other box.

The teacher patted Celia on the shoulder and shouted louder: “Celia! Wake up! This is the cafeteria! Let’s go back to the lounge to rest!

“Yes, it’s so scary!” A timid student cried out, “I saw the dead people on TV like this, and they couldn’t wake up no matter what…”

The student’s words instantly made the cafeteria’s All the people gathered around.

The teacher was so scared that her face was red, and she put her fingers under Celia’s nose to probe for her breath.

Five seconds later, the teacher was so frightened that her face turned pale!

“Get out of the way! Get out of the way! There is an accident with a student here! Get out of the way!” The teacher picked up Celia and rushed out quickly.

Layla was standing beside Celia just now, so she could clearly see the change in the teacher’s expression after she gave Celia’s breath.

Celia is not breathing!

Celia is dead!

How did Celia die? Isn’t it painful before death? But Celia was having fun eating cherries just now… The cafeteria suddenly turned into a mess of porridge!

The children were so frightened that they cried into a ball. The teachers hurriedly organized to take the students out of the cafeteria, and called the parents of the students to notify the parents to pick up the children.

When Avery received the teacher’s call, he was a little puzzled.

Because of this point, it should be the child’s lunch break.

After she answered the phone, before she had time to speak, the teacher’s voice came anxiously: “Ms. Tate, please come to school now. A classmate in the class had an accident today, and now the parents need to take the child home, okay? Soothe the child’s emotions. I will make it clear in the class group, you will pay attention to the group news later. “

Avery had already heard the cry of the child over the phone.

Although it wasn’t Layla’s cry, she could imagine that something serious must have happened.

She didn’t dare to delay, and immediately left the company and drove towards the school.

While waiting for the traffic lights on the way, she called Elliot.

The call was answered quickly.

Avery said: “Elliot, something happened in Layla’s class. I don’t know what happened yet. The teacher asked me to go to school and pick up the child.”

Elliot said, “I’m not in Avonsville now. Go and pick up the child, or I’ll ask the bodyguard to pick her up.”

Avery wondered, “I’m on my way to school now. Where have you been? You didn’t tell me you were going out of the market.”

Elliot couldn’t hide her ,”I’m in Rosacus City. Ben Schaffer is in a coma, I’m waiting for him to wake up in the hospital now.”

“Are you looking for Chelsea? How could Ben Schaffer be in a coma?”

“Chelsea kidnapped him yesterday. He spent a day in Chelsea’s office. I fell into a coma overnight.”

“What about Chelsea?!”

Elliot said, “She’s missing now. I don’t know where she fled to. I’ve already sent someone to look for it.”

Avery broke out in cold sweat and couldn’t help but wonder: “There was an accident at Layla’s school… Could it be Chelsea’s doing?!”

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