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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 988 | Simple Silence

Chapter 988

After a brief thought, he decided to visit Rosacus City in person.

If Chelsea really died, he could bury her with Ben Schaffer.

I was afraid that Chelsea didn’t die, and it was Ben Schaffer who really had an accident.

At 10 a.m., Sterling Group.

The vice president knocked on Chad’s office and asked, “The boss didn’t come today? Why can’t I contact the chief financial officer since yesterday?”

Chad said, “The boss has something to do, so he won’t come to the company today. As for the chief financial officer, I can’t contact the chief financial officer either. Get on him. I don’t know what happened to him.”

The vice president said worriedly, “Oh, the chief financial officer should not have any trouble, right? This has never happened before. Is the boss looking for the chief financial officer?”

“Maybe! He didn’t say it clearly.” Chad pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, “Don’t worry, there should be nothing wrong. If something happens, the boss will tell us.”

The vice president nodded, thinking of a Event: “The president training camp of Hallstatt University that the boss went to a few days ago was officially announced to be permanently closed today.”

“Oh? I haven’t seen the news yet. Where did you get the news?” Chad asked.

The vice president said in a low voice, “My friend in Hallstatt told me. It was a few days ago that Hudson Kenny offended everyone who went to the event. Although there was no danger at that time, everyone saw through Hudson Kenny as a person. Even if Hudson Kenny didn’t take the initiative to close the CEO training camp, no one would dare to go there in the future.”

“That’s true. Hudson Kenny’s mind is afraid of getting into the water, and he is at the mercy of others.”

“You know Hudson Kenny Who was instructed?” the vice president asked.

Chad shook his head: “I don’t know.”

“Oh, this man is so bold. I can’t guess who it is! If you know, let me know.” After the vice president finished speaking, he strode out.

After the vice president left, Chad’s mind flashed.

Ben Schaffer has been unable to contact him since yesterday. Is it possible that it has something to do with this behind-the-scenes instigation?

Could it be… is it Chelsea?

After thinking of this possibility, Chad got goosebumps all over.

After Chelsea was disfigured, it was like a different person.

If she was really the mastermind behind the Hallstatt Villa destruction plan, Chad would not be surprised at all.

It seems that only she can have such crazy thoughts.

Her life is ruined, so she will ruin others too.

A Downtown Elementary School.

This primary school is the best public primary school in Avonsville. Whether it is a team of teachers or a student’s enrollment rate over the years, they are all excellent.

When choosing an elementary school for Layla, Avery chose this place without hesitation. Because this is the primary school she wanted to go to when she was a child.

After the morning class, the students went to the cafeteria to eat in an orderly manner.

Layla and her classmates finished dinner and sat down in the dining chairs. The teacher came over with a few boxes of fruit.

“There are fresh cherries today. Everyone has one.” The teacher put the box with the most weight in front of Layla.

After the teacher left, the female classmate sitting next to Layla looked at Layla with envy.

“Layla, you have more cherries than ours! The teacher is so partial to you!”

Layla handed her cherries to the female classmate: “I don’t really like to eat these, let’s eat them!”

The female classmate looked excited: “Layla, you are so kind! I love cherries the most! Thank you!”

Layla: “You’re welcome! Eat it if you like!”

After a while, Layla ate dinner, get up and prepare to go back to the classroom.

Just after she walked away a few steps, someone suddenly exclaimed: “Celia! What’s wrong with you, Celia? Why are you asleep?! You haven’t finished your meal yet!”

“Celia! Wake up! “

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