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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 986 | Simple Silence

Chapter 986

The phone was connected, but no one answered.

If Ben Schaffer saw his call, he would definitely answer it.

Elliot became more and more sure that something happened. When he was about to go out to find Ben Schaffer, Ben Schaffer sent a text message: “Elliot, it is not convenient for me to answer the phone now.”

Looking at the text message, Elliot immediately replied: “What’s your current situation? Are you in danger?”

Ben Schaffer: “I am not in danger. Give me a little more time, I’ll be back tomorrow.”

Elliot looked at the text message, pondered for a moment, and replied: “OK.”

Star River Villa.

After Layla finished her homework, she showed it to Avery for inspection.

“Mom, why didn’t Dad come today?” Layla asked in a low voice.

“You want him to come?” Avery opened her daughter’s workbook and asked with a smile.

Layla sighed: “Brother doesn’t like him, if my brother say he doesn’t like my dad, I betray my brother.”

Avery looked at her daughter, “Layla, how can you think so? The matter between brother and father, it’s their business. If you like Dad, you can express it. Just don’t express it in front of your brother. That way, the brother won’t be sad, and you have to keep your love for Dad in your heart.”

Layla With a sweet smile: “Mom, you are so smart! I am your daughter, why am I not as smart as you?”

Avery said, “Who said you are not smart anymore? You are much smarter than your mom. Mom didn’t have Smart when she was a child.”

“Mom, I like you so much! I don’t want to marry when I grow up! I want to be with you forever.”

Avery patted her head and said, “Did your father’s words affect you yesterday? Layla, you are still young. It’s not time to think about marriage. All you have to do now is to be happy, grow up healthy, and talk about the future. Your handwriting is getting neater and neater, and your mother wants to praise you.”

“My brother also said that my handwriting is beautiful, and he said that he would give it to me when he got the bonus and buy gifts to reward me.” Layla looked expectant, “I’ve already thought about what gifts I want.”

“Bonus?” Avery was stunned, “Is there any competition in your brother’s school? Why didn’t I hear about it?”

“Not now! My brother said it would take two months. I don’t know what competition, but my brother said he would definitely get the prize.” Layla said this with a look of admiration, “Brother is amazing, I will find a husband in the future, as same as my brother.”

Avery tapped her daughter’s head with her finger: “Didn’t you just say you would stay with your mother forever? Now you have changed your mind?”

Layla laughed.

Next to him, Robert was awakened, and when he heard their laughter, he smirked.

“Brother is awake!” Layla heard Robert’s voice and immediately took Robert out of the crib, “Mom, I want to take my brother out to play!”

“I’ll change my brother’s diaper first.” Avery will do the homework Ben put it down and planned to take Robert over.

As a result, Layla put Robert on the sofa and volunteered: “I’ll change diaper of my brother! It’s as simple as changing a diaper, it’s hard for me!”

Put it in the stroller, then pushed the stroller out.

The bodyguard carried the baby bag and followed behind the siblings.

After a while, Layla pulled the cart and stopped.

A man came on a leash with a big dog. That big dog, with dark eyes, was staring at Robert.

“Wow!” The dog barked suddenly!

Layla panicked and planned to push Robert away.

At this moment, Robert in the cart made a fierce cry: “Wow!”

Layla pushed the cart and ran home quickly.

“Mom! Robert can talk!” Layla told her mother in surprise, “My brother just spoke!”

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