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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 983 | Simple Silence

Chapter 983

Then Elliot should thank his bodyguard?

After listening to the two of them quarreling, the designer smiled and said, “Ms. Tate, it is a great fate to be together. No matter how unpleasant encounters you have had in the past, you will definitely reconcile in the future.”

Avery was charming to the designer. The designer smiled and said, “Well. Are you here to measure me? Take it now! Do you need to take off my clothes?”

“Take off your coat, it’s best to wear tight clothes inside. This will make the size more accurate.”

“Oh, Then I’ll change clothes in the room first.” Avery walked into the room.

Layla walked up to Elliot quietly and asked with doubts: “Dad, what is a vegetative person? I only know that plants, like the flowers and plants outside, are all plants, right?”

Elliot nodded: “Yes, the flowers and plants outside are all plants, they are all plants…”

“Oh,” Layla couldn’t wait to interrupt him, expressing her own understanding.

Veterative means that people can also germinate and bloom, so they are called vegetative people.”

Mrs. Cooper walked over with a smile and said, “Layla, that’s not the case. vegetative means that it doesn’t move like a plant, but it has life. This is a very serious disease.”

Layla was shocked: “My father had such a serious illness before?”

“Well. It’s a miracle that your father can wake up.” Mrs. Cooper said.

At 9 p.m., The children’s room.

Layla tossed and turned, so she hugged her little pillow and climbed onto Hayden’s bed.

When the siblings were six years old, they slept in separate beds.

But still in the same room.

Sometimes when it rains and thunders, Layla is afraid that she will climb onto Hayden’s bed.

Layla asked in a showy tone, “Brother, our dad used to be in a vegetative state. Do you know what it means to be in a vegetative state?”

Hayden said, “You don’t have to tell me. I don’t care.”

“Oh… .Dad used to bloom and bear fruit, that’s what vegetative people mean.” Since her brother didn’t care, Layla started talking nonsense seriously.

Hayden slammed the light on and turned on the light: “Layla, this joke is not funny at all. You go to sleep in your bed.”

“I haven’t finished yet! Dad said today that I can’t fall in love until I’m 18 and You can’t get married before the age of 25. Do you want me to be angry?” Layla asked in confusion.

Hayden thought seriously, and after a while, he realized that he thought the same as Elliot.

“Anyway, you can’t get married too early. Otherwise, you will be deceived and help count the money.” Hayden took her out of bed, “You go to sleep in your bed. Otherwise, I will move to the next room.”

Layla hugged the pillow and returned angrily to her own bed.

With a ‘pop’, Hayden turned off the light, and the room fell back into darkness.

The next day.

Ben Schaffer came to Rosacus City and handed Elliot and Avery’s wedding invitation to Chelsea.

Chelsea opened the invitation and saw their names and wedding dates. Her face was calm, but her phalanx was pale.

“How could they invite me? Aren’t you afraid that my appearance will scare the guests away?” She laughed at herself, then threw the invitation lightly on the table.

“Chelsea, did you instigate the matter of Hallstatt Villa?” Ben Schaffer got straight to the point.

“No.” Chelsea replied without hesitation.

“Give me your cell phone, and I’ll take it back to Elliot.” Ben Schaffer reached out to her. “If you didn’t do it, he wouldn’t touch you. But if it turns out that you did it…he won’t keep you alive.”

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