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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 980 | Simple Silence

Chapter 980

Sterling Group.

Ben Schaffer sat in Elliot’s office chair and looked at Elliot who pushed in the door with a cynical smile.

“Elliot, you are too fast!” Ben Schaffer knew that no matter how he teased him now, he would not be angry, so he was very presumptuous, “I only left for two days, you took Avery down, and you even Start planning for the wedding. If Chad didn’t call me, do you plan to notify me after the wedding?”

Elliot walked to the table and asked, “Is the relationship between the Tierney family and the Kenny family not bad?”

“Which Kenny family?”

Hallstatt Kenny’s family. After Leonel Kenny died, his son Hudson Kenny is now in charge.” Elliot was brooding about what happened in Hallstatt, “If I hadn’t bought one of the staff in advance, I would have It may have turned into a pile of bones.”

Ben Schaffer snorted and got up from his chair in shock: “Chad didn’t tell me this. He only said that you and Avery are going to get married. I don’t know the Tierney family very well also I’m not familiar with the Kenny family, because Chelsea rarely mentions her family’s affairs in front of me.”

“I remember that one year, Chelsea asked for leave because she was going to the Kenny family for a banquet.” Elliot said, “You may not remember. Now, it’s been a long time.”

“In this case, she and the Kenny family know each other. You wouldn’t suspect that she wanted to kill you, right?” Ben Schaffer felt unbelievable, “Elliot, do you think it’s possible? Chelsea can die for you, you know. How could she kill you?”

“Chelsea is no longer used to be.” Elliot’s eagle eyes flashed with a gloomy chill, “She didn’t want to kill me alone, but the villa at that time. She wants to kill everyone here. Her heart has been twisted.”

Ben Schaffer was speechless for a long time.

“I can’t keep her anymore.” Elliot looked at Ben Schaffer, “You take the time to help me send her a wedding invitation. By the way, I need a definite result.”

All the frivolity on Ben Schaffer’s face faded, “What if she said she didn’t do it?”

“If Chelsea says she didn’t do it, then let her hand over her phone. I will use technical means to investigate whether she talked to Hudson Kenny on the phone the night before.” Elliot said.

Ben Schaffer heard the words and nodded: “Okay. If she really did it, what should I do? Are you really going to kill her?”

“Don’t kill her, wait for her to kill me?” Elliot tightened his fingers and clenched, “I’m going to marry Avery. We have three children. I can’t die, and Avery and the children can’t have an accident.”

Ben Schaffer sighed: “Maybe Chelsea really has a psychological problem. It’s not that Does Tammy plan to see a psychiatrist? In fact, Chelsea should also go to see a psychiatrist, but she is too strong, and she has no relatives around, so I am afraid she will not see it.”

“She had no chance.” Elliot sat down in the office chair, frowned and said solemnly, “Ben Schaffer, I have given her many opportunities. Avery and I are constantly misunderstood because of her provocation again and again. Sh’s too greedy and too bad!”

“I see. I will contact her as soon as possible.” Ben Schaffer was in a solemn mood, “Let me do this. You plan the wedding well.”



DNA Identification Center.

Avery parked the car in the parking lot outside the building.

Before getting out of the car, she sighed heavily.

She can’t stop exploring the truth because she’s afraid of it.

If the result came out, it would be bad for Elliot, so she would not make it public.

She has been troubled by this matter for a long time, and she does not want to continue to be troubled by it.

Carrying her bag, she strode towards the gate of the appraisal center.

In the afternoon, she drove to the company.

Entering the building, the front desk immediately smiled and said to her, “Ms. Tate, congratulations!”

Avery was startled: “Congratulations?”

“Aren’t you and Mr. Foster about to get married? Today, people from Sterling Group came over to ask for the number of personnel in our company, and when it came time to give us wedding candy and gifts.” The front desk was excited, “Ms. Tate, I knew you would definitely marry Mr. Foster!”

Avery was embarrassed.

Does Elliot think she can’t afford to invite her employees to eat candy?

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