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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 978 | Simple Silence

Chapter 978

“Good news? If you don’t kill me, it’s good news.” Cole sneered and teased.

Avery was silent for a few seconds, and then used the aggressive method: “You’re only good at this? If your uncle invites you, wouldn’t you be scared to death?”

Cole said, “Avery! Why are you chasing after me? I have nothing left. Why are you looking for me? I don’t want to hear about you and my uncle, and I don’t care. When you get married, it doesn’t matter to me! My uncle will never invite me!”

After Cole finished speaking, Avery calmly said: “I am indeed getting married to your uncle. I will decide whether to invite you or not. Your uncle listens to me.”

Cole was stunned.

“Cole, come out and meet! I have something to say to you face to face.” In order to let him out, Avery used Elliot as bait, “Actually, your uncle is not so heartless. Let’s talk more after you come out. Let’s chat.”

Cole let out a sigh of relief and agreed to meet.

About 40 minutes later, the two met in a cafe.

After sitting down by the window, Avery ordered a latte.

“Avery, are you really going to marry my uncle?” Cole asked, staring at her face.

Avery said, “How can I lie to you about this kind of thing. You sold your old house with your dad, where do you live now? If you want to come to our wedding, I will have someone send you an invitation. “

Cole was a little flattered: “Did you really invite me?”

“Otherwise? You come to the wedding banquet with your father, and you only have two mouths and two meals. Can you beat Elliot? Where do you live now?” Avery asked.

“Right now, I’m renting a house and I haven’t picked a new one yet. My dad wanted to leave here but I didn’t agree. So I’m still arguing about this.” Cole talked about this, he felt a little depressed about the incident, “I admit that I was unfilial and hurt my dad. I want to be nice to him in the future.”

“It’s good that you have this kind of heart.” Avery’s eyes were fixed on his hair unconsciously, “By the way, what are your plans in the future?”

“I want to start my own business.” Cole said bitterly, “I have never worked, so I can’t stand the anger. It is impossible for me to work for others in my life.”

“Oh.” Avery expected this answer.

Cole was a young master who was born with a golden key. In addition, the elders in the family spoiled him since he was a child, so he couldn’t bear hardships.

Although Elliot is also a young master, because of Shea, his life environment and mental journey are completely different from Cole.

“Is it true that you say my uncle doesn’t hate me that much?” Cole regretted it every day and wanted to go back and hug his uncle’s thigh again.

At this time, the waiter came over with two cups of coffee.

After Avery took a sip of coffee, she looked at Cole’s hair again: “Why do you have white hair?”

He was stunned for a moment: “No way?”

Avery immediately got up and walked to his side, “Don’t move, I’ll pull it out for you. Otherwise, it will grow more and more. You haven’t started a family yet, if you worry about gray hair first, you’ll be afraid to find a girlfriend in the future.”

After she finished, she quickly ran over his head. She neatly pulled out a few strands of hair.

“Ah! Ahh!” Cole hugged his head and screamed, “Avery! What are you doing?! Where are you pulling one, you pulled a pinch?! How can it hurt so much!”

Avery quickly put his hair into the prepared small bag while feeling the strange eyes from around him.

At the same time, she murmured in her heart: Cole can’t do it! When she pulled Elliot’s hair, Elliot didn’t say a word!

Avery dared to say that if she plucked the hair of other adults, even if it was really a pinch, others would never yell like Cole.

“I didn’t say you only have one white hair.” Avery returned to her seat and sat down.

Cole eased from the pain just now, and put down the hand holding his head, but his expression was very sad: “Where’s my white hair? Show me!”

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