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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 977 | Simple Silence

Chapter 977

“Well, about living together, do you have special requirements?” Avery sat down on the dining chair and looked up at him.

Elliot shook his head: “I’m afraid that I will move here and make Hayden feel restrained.”

“Anyway, I definitely can’t move to your place to live with you! The child won’t move to your place, and I can’t be separated from the child.” Avery didn’t even think about it. Think, pick out, “I don’t want to make you sad but in my heart, the three children are ahead of you.”

Elliot was speechless. Even if Avery didn’t say this, he knew the fact. Saying it would only upset him.

Elliot couldn’t think of a way to get the best of both worlds, so he fell silent.

Avery thought that what she said just now was too much, which made him sad.

“Or else, don’t think about this problem first. You can come to live with me or I can live with you. You don’t need to think that this is a problem, it won’t trouble us.” Avery comforted him.

“I thought about it carefully. Before our wedding, I gave my children a little more time to let them accept the fact that the two of us have reconciled. So before the wedding, I will not move in.” Elliot expressed his thoughts.

Avery couldn’t help boasting: “If you were so mature and thoughtful before, we wouldn’t have taken so many detours.”

Elliot laughed at himself: “I have gray hair, can I be immature?”

“Don’t worry, I just Seeing one. It’s not a big problem.” Avery comforted him, “As long as you keep the habit of exercising, others will definitely not regard you as my father.”

Elliot was silent.

After breakfast, Elliot will show the design picture to Avery.

One is a drawing by the designer, and the other is a drawing by Elliot.

Avery looked at the two pictures separately and chose Elliot’s.

“It’s not that your designs are better than others, but that I wear the ring you designed and I can show off to others and saying, it was designed by my husband. This is not a ring, this is love.”

Elliot was flattered by her Eager to shoot.

“Are you going to work or resting at home today?” Elliot asked her.

Avery was stunned for a moment and asked, “How about you?”

“If you want to come with me, I’ll go to the company first, and then ask the wedding company to talk.”

“I’m going to the company today. The wedding company Over there, let’s talk!” Avery didn’t want to bother.

With Elliot’s personality of pursuing perfection in everything, she will definitely give her a satisfactory wedding.

“Then I’ll take you to the company,” Elliot said.

“No need. I’m not in a hurry to go out, you go first!” Avery sent him to the door.

After Elliot left, Avery immediately went back to the room and took out Elliot’s hair sample to take a look.

She plucked two hairs from his head at the time, not white hair. She said it was white hair, because she didn’t want him to worry. She doubted his identity. So she wanted to secretly verify to see if he was really Shea’s twin brother.

Mainly, Shea’s twin brother had the same disease as Shea when Elliot was a child, but was miraculously cured in an era when medical care was not developed.

In this world, there are people with such powerful medical skills that they cannot hide.

So she wanted to confirm Elliot’s identity. “Now that I have Elliot’s sample. I just need to find another sample from the Foster family and send it for inspection.”

Shea was gone, and Henry was hard to approach, so she could only find Cole.

After she went out with her bag, she dialed Cole.

“Cole, come out and meet! I have good news to tell you.” No matter what, she wanted to invite Cole out.

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