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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 972 | Simple Silence

Chapter 972

“Avery, I’m safe.” On the other side of the phone, Elliot’s low voice came.

“What happened in the morning?” Let’s meet again.” Her voice trembled uncontrollably, “Fortunately, you’re all right. Elliot, I was almost scared to death.”

Elliot listened to her aggrieved voice and coaxed, “It’s all right. I’ll go down the mountain to find you right away.”

After hanging up, Avery raised her hand to wipe her tears.

The bodyguard tried to persuade her to calm down, but the speech turned into this: “My boss is not dead! I hate women crying the most.”

Avery looked at him with tears in her eyes and asked: “Why don’t you worry about his accident? I see that you have been very calm.”

The bodyguard sneered: “What is this scene today. My boss has been assassinated countless times along the way, and several times the situation is more dangerous than this. Since you want to be with him Together, you have to be prepared to be assassinated.”

Avery was silent for a while.

The bodyguard looked at her speechless and shocked, and the bodyguard was stunned.

Shouldn’t he frighten Avery to break up with Elliot directly?

But on second thought, if Avery is so brave, then she is not worthy of his boss.

“Not only are you in danger, but your children are also in danger. Have you read the social news? How many rich people’s children have been kidnapped, don’t I need to say more?” The bodyguard continued.

Avery remained silent.

After Elliot went down the mountain, he saw Avery’s face pale, as if he hadn’t recovered.

“Avery, did you frighten you this morning?” Elliot wrapped her long arms around her slender body. “I’m afraid they will threaten me with you. Then I will be very passive.”

She nodded and asked, “Elliot, are you often assassinated?”

Elliot said, “Why do you ask this all of a sudden? Today is not an assassination. The surnamed Kenny was bewitched and wanted to blow up all the people in our villa. In this way, Aryadelle will undergo earth-shaking changes. He thought that he would be able to master Aryadelle. The economic lifeline is actually stupid!”

“Why does he have such a terrible idea?”

“He doesn’t have such a brain, someone is instructing him behind his back.”

“Who?” Avery’s back was chilled.

“Mr. Kenny wouldn’t say the name of that person. He just said it was someone around me. I’ll investigate when I go back.” Elliot held her by the hand and took her into the car, “Let’s go home first! Everything I said last night , do you remember?”

Avery said, “Did we talk about anything other than sleeping together last night?”

Elliot looked at her deeply: “You are angry about the morning.”

“Want to hug that woman’s waist?” Avery settles the account with him, “You think you are the only one who is good at acting? I am also good at acting. You tell me it’s dangerous, let me pretend to have a fight with you. Maybe the acting is more exciting. Are you going to find a woman to stimulate me?”

Seeing her angry, Elliot lowered his head and explained to her, “I was in a hurry at the time and I was afraid that you would be implicated by me, and I just wanted to get you out as soon as possible. So I thought about it.”

Avery accepted his explanation: “Don’t do this next time. If you hug another woman, don’t touch me in the future.”

Elliot put his arms around her waist and promised, “I don’t dare.”

“Hey, I have a headache now and I don’t know how to tell the child when I go back.” Avery rested her head on his shoulder, “Layla is okay. She has always had a crush on you. It’s just Hayden… “

I don’t know what to do either. I made you angry, and I can coax you with the cheeks, but Hayden really hates me so much.” Elliot said word by word, “This is the evil fruit I planted.”

Elliot said again: “He should not stop us from remarrying.”

“I know. He respects me very much. It is because of this that I am embarrassed.” Avery closed her eyes, “I am a little dizzy, I want sleep.”


In Avonsville.

The experiences of Elliot and Avery in Hallstatt spread when Avery called Chad for help.

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