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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 969 | Simple Silence

Chapter 969

Avery opened the address book, found her mother’s business card, and clicked it.

She sent a message to her mother: Mom, Elliot and I are reconciled. This time, we solved all misunderstandings and I believed we would never be separated again in the future. Hope you’re all well in heaven. I would also live a good life and raise my children well.

After she had sent the message, she would put down her phone and got ready to sleep.

At this moment, the room suddenly lit up.

She looked towards the light source.

It was Elliot’s phone screen on the bedside table that lit up.

She could only vaguely tell that he had received a new message on his phone, but she couldn’t tell who sent it and what the content was.

Elliot’s phone had never been on her guard, and even if she looked, he wouldn’t be angry.

If his phone was by his pillow, she might take a look at it out of curiosity. Now she didn’t want to get out of bed, and she didn’t want to wake him, so she gave up the idea of ​​taking his cell phone.

She closed her eyes, no longer afraid of any unknown fear in her heart.

The next day.

At 7 a.m., Elliot woke up slowly.

He saw Avery lying beside him peacefully and well-behaved. His eyebrows stretched instantly, and the corners of his mouth raised a gentle arc. He was afraid of getting up and waking her up, so he decided to accompany her to lie down for a while.

He picked up his phone from the bedside table, turned it on, and saw a new message.

After reading the message, his face suddenly became extremely gloomy!

An hour later, Avery opened her sleepy eyes and woke up.

After waking up last night, she had some insomnia, so she was not in a good mood and was in a trance.

Especially the picture that appeared in front of her made her even more certain that she might still be in a dream and not wake up at all.

“Are you awake?” It was Boss Kenny’s niece who spoke.

Avery suddenly woke up like she was electrocuted!

Why is this woman in her room? !

She suddenly sat up from the bed and looked at Elliot with a startled expression.

Elliot held a cigarette in one hand, and put his other hand around Boss Kenny’s niece.

The two stood by the bed and looked at her like monkeys in a zoo.

“Avery, didn’t you say you left today? Hurry up and pack your luggage and go!” Elliot exhaled a faint ring of smoke as he spoke.

“Elliot! What the h-e-l-l are you talking about!” Avery held the quilt tightly and asked him with all his might, “You and this woman… Didn’t you say you didn’t know her well? Why did you hug her? She?! Didn’t you say you wanted to marry me? Did I remember it wrong, or did you lie to me again?!”

Outside the door, the violent quarrel in the room could be clearly heard!

After a while, Avery rushed out of the room with the suitcase in hand.

With tears in her eyes, she dragged her suitcase and walked quickly towards the elevator.

“Ms. Tate, wait for me!” Elliot’s bodyguard caught up with her.

Avery walked to the elevator and stood still, looking at the bodyguard with red eyes: “What are you doing with me? Did your boss ask you to humiliate me?!”

Just now, Elliot was in the room in front of her and said no Marry her, love her last night, just to trick her into going to bed.

The humiliation she has suffered in her life is not as much as the humiliation she suffered in one day with Elliot.

She can’t wait to slap herself hard!

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