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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 965 | Simple Silence

Chapter 965

The scene was in an uproar!

On the podium, Elliot’s ears blushed quietly.

Although Elliot knew what he was saying but he still had a strange feeling in his heart for her.

But this was a public place after all, and he couldn’t make her the target of public criticism.

“Avery, come to the front.” After Elliot spoke, he stepped off the podium and asked the students in the first row to move back.

He let Avery sit in the first row alone, without the same table beside him, so that there would be no more quarrels.

After Avery sat down in the first row, she gave Elliot a grand look. Then she openly took out her mobile phone, and under her nose, sent a message to the vice president: Elliot is also here, why didn’t you tell me in advance?

Vice President said, “If I had said that in advance, you would not have gone. I paid $300,000 for the registration fee and I really can’t bear to waste this money.”

Avery said,”Why don’t I transfer $300,000 to you now, and I’ll go back tomorrow, okay?”

Vice President said,”Huh? Avery, do you just don’t want to see Elliot? Or is he embarrassing you? If it’s so hard for you to be there, come back! You don’t have to transfer money to me. What an embarrassment!”

Avery looked at the vice president’s reply, and his emotions gradually calmed down.

Elliot didn’t embarrass her.

It wasn’t that Elliot lied to her, so why did she put her anger on him?

Just when she took a deep breath and planned to listen carefully to what Elliot said, the pink suitcase beside him made her sanity collapse again!

She really wanted to go up and drag her suitcase down.

Isn’t he ashamed?

At this moment, in a luxuriously decorated bedroom of Hallstatt Villa, the mobile phone of the villa owner, Boss Kenny, rang.

Boss Kenny answered the phone. A female voice came over the phone, “I heard that Elliot and Avery have both gone to your place?”

“Oh yes! What’s the matter?” Boss Kenny said casually with a cigar in his mouth, “I know you don’t get along with them, but I’m friend of Elliot.”

“Haha! Boss Kenny, as a successful businessman, you should understand that there are no permanent friends and enemies, only permanent interests!” The female voice laughed wickedly, “I have a perfect one here. Do you want to listen to the plan?”

Boss Kenny put away the smile on his face: “Tell me! If it is not 100% beneficial to me, I will not take any risks.”

“Don’t worry, if you Do as I say and the benefits you will get will be incalculable!”

An hour later.

The training session was over tonight.

During this hour, Avery listened to Elliot for about 20 minutes, and she was drowsy, so she sent a message to Tammy complained for 40 minutes.

Elliot carried her suitcase and walked in front of her. Avery wanted to take it over, but she didn’t let go.

“Is what I just said boring? I think you almost fell asleep.” Elliot narrowed his eagle eyes, and his tone seemed dissatisfied.

“You saw that I was about to fall asleep, so you still asked me?” Avery didn’t want to hit him on purpose, “You speak well, but I don’t understand it well.”

When the people in the training room were almost gone, Elliot asked her in a low voice, “Then you’re leaving tomorrow?”

Avery glanced at him: “Are you driving me away?”

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to stay here. After all, it’s boring in the mountains.” He said as if he changed the conversation, “But if someone is with you, it won’t be so boring.”

Avery looked at his handsome but reddish face and said directly: “Elliot, what circle are you going around? You tricked me here, Right? You unite with my vice president…”

“I think we need a space to be alone.” Elliot interrupted her, staring at her little face with deep eyes, and asked in a hoarse voice, “Avery, do you really have the heart to keep me thousands of miles away?”

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