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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 963 | Simple Silence

Chapter 963

“He doesn’t take me every time he goes on a business trip.” Chad put down the water glass and asked sharply, “Why does Avery care about my boss suddenly? Won’t she ask my boss herself?”

Mike laughed and said, “She is also on a business trip today. She was on a business trip for a week. So she asked me casually if I knew where Elliot was going. She imagined that she might have gone to the same place as Elliot, I said how could it be possible! How could Elliot go to some bullsh*t CEO? Training camp! With his temper, he is only suitable to be the king of h-e-l-l. Let’s forget it as a lecturer! He looks like he is lecturing on the stage with that iceberg face. The picture is too beautiful, I can’t imagine it!”

Chad wrinkled When he frowned, he noticed something was wrong: “Where is Avery going on a business trip?”

“Hallstatt University! Where is your boss?”

“Uh! My boss is also going to Hallstatt!” Chad was instantly refreshed, “Is Avery also going to Hallstatt as a lecturer?”

With a ‘poof’, Mike burst out laughing: “What kind of lecturer is she! She’s going to be a student! How the h-e-l-l do I think this is a trap! Chad, honestly, is this a gift from your boss? Avery’s trap?!”

Chad said, “Impossible! At least I don’t know about it at all.”

Mike said, “Oh, yes, this is a training that our company’s vice president signed up for. It was because the vice president’s house had a temporary emergency. Avery went. It’s impossible for my vice president to be infiltrated by Elliot, right?!”

Chad said, “It should be a coincidence. God wants to match the two of them.”

Mike said, “F*ck, God sees that they are not pleasing to the eye. Otherwise Why did the two of them spend so many years together and haven’t gotten married yet? I think the two of them have already gone through one-hundred and eighty-one hardships!”

Chad said: “Maybe the trip to Hallstatt will have A satisfactory result.”

Mike said: “Hopefully! Avery went too far today and asked me when I would move out of her house. Did she dislike me?”

Chad sneered: “It’s rare that you always think that you are a sweet pastry.”

Mike said: “Are you looking for smoke?!”

Chad coughed: “I’m busy right now. “

Hallstatt, located near the border of Aryadelle, is an original ecological mountain that has not been developed commercially.

Many years ago, a wealthy businessman with surename Kenny spent a lot of money to build a high-priced villa on the mountain, and the mountain has become famous since then.

When Avery arrived at the foot of Hallstatt Mountain, it was already evening.

Time in the mountains seems to go much faster than time in the city.

After the staff received her, they drove her up the mountain.

She looked at the winding mountain road outside the window and couldn’t help but complain: “Why do many rich people like to live in the deep mountains and forests? Can this show their status? Don’t they think the deep mountains are terrible?”

The staff laughed: ” Ms. Tate, it is said that Boss Kenny chose to build a villa here because he listened to the advice of the master. Boss Kenny was not in good health, so the master asked him to move to Hallstatt, so as to avoid disasters.”

Avery said, “Oh, After this Boss Kenny moved in, is he really free from illness and disasters?”

The staff continued to laugh: “As a result, Boss Kenny died of illness not long after he moved in. Later, the villa was taken over by the son of Mr. Kenny, who is now Boss Kenny, has been transformed into a training camp for presidents.”

Avery was shocked and speechless for a while.

About a quarter of an hour later, the car arrived at Hallstatt Villa.

She pushed open the door and got out of the car.

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