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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 962 | Simple Silence

Chapter 962

Mike heard the meaning of her words and broke her fantasy mercilessly: “No matter where Elliot goes on business, it is definitely not the Hallstatt University you are going to. He is such a proud and pretentious person. How could he be willing to talk to you? Others share his successful experience? You search online, he has hardly ever given personal interviews, and with his character like gold, do you think he can stand on the podium and give lectures?”

Avery woke up like a dream.

She clearly knew Elliot, why did she still make unrealistic fantasies?

She blushed in embarrassment, and Mike didn’t continue to laugh at her.

“Why don’t you call Chad and ask? What if he really went to Hallstatt?” Mike didn’t laugh at her, but he couldn’t help laughing at Elliot, “Hallstatt is a good place, the environment on the mountain is beautiful and the air is fresh and a good place for leisure and vacation, what if he goes to the green hills to play in the name of a business trip?”

Avery’s temple throbbed: “Whether he goes on a business trip or a vacation, it has nothing to do with me. I don’t want to know that he goes Where, don’t ask Chad, don’t say anything.”

She peeled a boiled egg and put it on Mike’s plate.

“What time is your flight? I’ll take you to the airport.” Mike asked after biting into the egg.

Avery lowered her eyes and said, “I haven’t bought a ticket yet! I’m a little confused. I’m totally unprepared. I was going to go to work today.”

Seeing her gloomy, Mike comforted: “Hallstatt is a good place, but has not been developed, isolated from the world, especially quiet, you should go to retreat for a week!”

Avery said, “What image do I have in my heart? If there is no internet there, I promise I will leave as soon as I get there.”

“How can there be no internet? That kind of CEO training camp where all the CEOs go, you won’t stay without internet, and they can’t stand it without internet.” Mike teased.

“I can’t stay there without the internet. I have to make videocall with my kids every day.”

“Okay, don’t be sad. The week is fast.”

“Well, I’ll go pack.” She put down the dishes and finished the milk then go back to her room.

After she left the dining room, Mike took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Chad: Where is your boss on a business trip?

Chad was busy and didn’t see any news from him.

After a while, Mike drove Avery to the airport.

Arriving at the airport, Mike’s cell phone rang, and the company called him and asked him to go to the company immediately.

“Go back to the company! I’m fine now.” Avery took the suitcase from him, and her mood was completely calm.

If Vice President told her about it yesterday, she would not be so bored this morning.

Mike reached out and touched her head, “Call me when you arrive, and come back if you’re really uncomfortable! You don’t have to stay there for a week. The vice president is not your father, so you don’t have to do it for him.”

Avery couldn’t help but laughing: “Thank you for enlightening me, don’t do this next time.”

The vice president worked with my father for a long time, although he was only a small supervisor before, but later Tate Industry was rebuilt and he helped a lot.

Mike saw Avery enter the waiting room, and then left the airport. He drove in the direction of the company. On the way, Chad’s phone calls.

“I’m so busy today! What are you asking my boss for?” Chad took a mobile phone in one hand and a water glass in the other, and took a sip.

“I didn’t ask, it was Avery.” Mike asked, “Why didn’t your boss take you on a business trip?”

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