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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 961 | Simple Silence

Chapter 961

Tammy teased, “Ah, What a coincidence? Will you two go to the same place?”

Avery didn’t know.

She didn’t ask where Elliot was going on business yesterday.

Although she was a little curious now, she couldn’t take the initiative to ask him.

After all, even in the same place, so what?

She went to the bathroom to wash up, changed her clothes and came out of the room. The two children had already gone to school.

Robert slept in the crib in the living room, while Mrs. Cooper was busy in the kitchen.

Avery walked to the door of the kitchen and said to Mrs. Cooper, “Mrs. Cooper, I’m going out today. I will be back in a week.”

Mrs. Cooper was stunned, “Why do you want to go out all of a sudden? When the child comes back in the evening and want to see but they find that you’re not at home, they’ll definitely miss you.”

Avery said, “I’m going to attend a training abroad. I’ve already promised others.”

“Oh, the child will definitely understand about work. If you go alone, you will still have a partner. right?” Mrs. Cooper was not at ease.

“I’ll go alone.” She walked to the dining room and sat down in the dining chair, “Don’t worry, it seems to be closed management, it’s quite safe.”

Mrs. Cooper brought the breakfast to the table, “That’s good. When are you leaving?”

“I’ll book the ticket after breakfast. Go out in the afternoon at the latest.” She picked up the milk glass and took a sip, “Where’s Mike?”

“He hasn’t gotten up yet.” Sure, Mike floated over from the side.

“What are you talking about me!” Mike sat down beside Avery with messy blonde hair.

Avery said, “I’m going out today, I’ll be back in a week and let me know. I’ll ask you at home.”

Mike was shocked by the news and suddenly sobered up: “Where are you going? Do you want me to go with you?”

“Hallstatt University, have you heard of it?” Avery scooped a spoonful of porridge into her mouth, and her stomach was instantly warmed, “The vice president signed up for this school’s training class, but he can’t go to the family temporarily, so let me help him with it.”

The most famous of the aristocratic schools is not the main university, but the affiliated CEO training camp. This is the CEO training camp you are going to, right?”

Avery was taken aback for a while: “If you are interested, you can go! All you need to do is take your class notes and bring them back to the vice president.”

Mike refused without thinking: “I hate training the most! I’m almost the same as training others, and no one else can train me!”

Avery was silent.

Mikesaid, “I don’t think you should go! Waste your time! Our company has been successful enough, unless you are invited to be a lecturer, you can consider it. Being a student will not bring down our company?”

Avery sighed, “I promised the vice president to take notes for him. He said that he signed up for this training course to better run the company. Since I promised him, I can’t go back. Moreover, What if I really learn something?”

Mike said, “Then go! I will help you take care of your home!”

Avery said, “Well, it’s been hard work for you. But I’m curious, when are you going to My family is moving out?”

Mike frowned in disbelief: “When you and Elliot become a family, I will consider moving!”

Avery said, “Oh, I asked casually. Why are you so excited? Elliot and I… By the way, do you know where Elliot is on a business trip today? He is also on a business trip for a week, what a coincidence.”

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