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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 960 | Simple Silence

Chapter 960

Avery had slept well and was refreshed, but because of this phone call, her heart burned with urgency.

After the call, she received the address of Hallstatt University from the vice president.

Next, she has to book a flight and rush over.

Just when she opened the flight booking software, the alarm clock popped up on the screen of her mobile phone, so scared that she almost threw the phone out.

She clutched her chest and took a long breath.

Why be in such a hurry?

It’s just a training session, even if you’re late, it’s fine.

Even when she was a student, it was okay to be late for class, not to mention that she is not a student now.

And she didn’t sign up for this training either. She could promise the vice president to participate in the past.

Thinking of this, she fell onto the bed, planning to lie down for a while.

She turned on her phone and sent a message to Tammy: “Tammy, I’m going away today. I will Come back in a week. Don’t forget to tell me after you saw the psychiatrist in the past two days.”

It was still very early, and she felt that Tammy should still be asleep, so after sending the message, she put down her phone and planned to get up and pack her luggage after a while.

A week is a long time for her.

She hadn’t been on a business trip for so long since giving birth.

Just as she closed her eyes and adjusted her mood, the phone rang.

She opened her eyes, picked up her phone, saw Tammy’s call, and immediately answered it.

“Avery, why are you going out all of a sudden? You didn’t say you were going out yesterday. What’s the urgency?” Tammy was worried after seeing the news, so she called her back to ask.

Avery yawned, “The vice president asked me to do him a favor. He signed up for a training class before and asked me to help him attend. His son is sick and has to have an operation, so I can’t say no. The two things I hate the most, one is meetings and the other is training.”

Tammy couldn’t help laughing: “Since you promised others, you must go.”

“Well, it’s still early, I’ll lie down for a while.” Avery looked at the ceiling, her voice muffled, “I can’t bear to have children. Thinking of going out for a week, I feel very uncomfortable.”

“A week is very fast. You should give yourself a vacation.” Tammy said, suddenly wondering, “I heard that Elliot was going on a business trip yesterday.”

Avery grinned and said helplessly, “Well. He also went on a business trip today. Do you know what he told me yesterday? He told me to wait for him to return from his business trip. Let’s have a good talk. The more he pushes me to express my position, the less I want to give him a happy answer.”

Tammy gave her an idea, “I understand your mood. Don’t promise him so quickly, hang him for a while longer. Let’s see how long he can last. Otherwise he will catch you so easily, and he will surely make you angry again in the future.”

The smile on Avery’s face gradually faded.

She recalled her recent relationship with Elliot, and murmured: “Elliot had a good temper recently. No matter how I slapped him, he was not angry.”

“That’s because you haven’t promised to reconcile with him. Even if he doesn’t I want to get you, and I want to get three children through you.” Tammy said straight to the point.

“Okay! That’s exactly what you said. He really cares about children. My mother said that the older you get, the more you like children and your patience will get better. It seems to be true. Of course it makes sense.”

When Tammy said this, she thought for a while, “When Elliot comes back from a business trip and sees that you are not there, I guess he will get angry.”

Tammy’s words instantly made Avery sit up on the bed.

“He’s also on a business trip for a week.”

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