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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 958 | Simple Silence

Chapter 958

Nathan has been muddled all his life and has never been afraid of anything. But now, when he looked at Elliot’s cold and arrogant face, he felt scared for the first time!

He felt that if he continued to anger Elliot, he would definitely be beaten to death here.

When he rolled to his mouth, he swallowed it back into his stomach. He has failed! He miscalculated Elliot’s temper! He shouldn’t be so reckless here.

He just wanted to leave alive now.

“Mrs. Scarlet! I have a broken rib! Hurry up and call me 120!” He dared not speak to Elliot, so he shouted at Mrs. Scarlet.

Mrs. Scarlet saw that his face was bloody and his body was paralyzed on the ground, and he couldn’t stop twitching.

She was so frightened that she immediately went to her mobile phone to call an ambulance.

“Mrs. Scarlet, don’t be merciful to this beast!” Elliot shouted to stop.

Mrs. Scarlet immediately woke up: “Sir, let the bodyguard throw him out! I will never let him step into the house again in the future!”

Elliot gave the bodyguard a wink.

The bodyguard immediately grabbed Nathan’s arm and dragged him out.

Elliot looked at Nathan’s embarrassed appearance, and coldly told the bodyguard, “Throw him away!”

In a flash, the living room returned to calm.

Mrs. Scarlet went to the bathroom to bring a basin of hot water and wiped the blood on the floor with a towel.

As she wiped the floor, she apologized to Elliot: “Sir, it was my dereliction of duty. He said he worked together in the old house before, so I invited him in, blaming me for not recognizing him…”

Elliot mood was still not calm: “Did he say what happened to him?”

Mrs. Scarlet said, “No. But I can guess. He must have come to ask for money. Either he asks me for money, or he asks you for money. He is just a scoundrel. I don’t think he is afraid of death.”

Mrs. Scarlet also added, “This kind of market scoundrel doesn’t know how to write fear. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so stupid. If he dares to come again in the future, let the bodyguard beat him directly. Let’s go. I don’t believe that he is not afraid of death.”

Elliot strode towards the bathroom.

He beat Nathan just now, and he thought his hands were dirty.

After Mrs. Scarlet wiped off the blood on the ground, she disinfected the ground with disinfectant, and then sprayed the living room with air freshener to remove the smell.

While doing these things, bits and pieces of the past came to Mrs. Scarlet’s mind.

This Nathan was not a serious person.

Just a little weird.

When Old master Foster wanted to dismiss Nathan, his wife actually pleaded for Nathan.

Mrs. Scarlet also asked his wife at the time why she wanted to intercede for Nathan. The answer her wife gave at the time was that she could give the servants a chance.

But later, some servants made mistakes, and the lady did not give them a chance.

So why Madam indulges Nathan so much, she still can’t figure it out.

Star River Villas.

When Avery got home from the hotel, the two children were tired and fell asleep on the bed.

After Avery turned off the lights for them, she dragged her tired body out of the children’s room.

Face to face, Mrs. Cooper came over with Robert in her arms.

Robert had slept in the evening, so she was in good spirits at the moment, but Avery was very sleepy and had no energy to take care of the children.

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