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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 954 | Simple Silence

Chapter 954

“What to talk about? Can’t we talk now?” Avery asked, her heart like a mirror.

The misunderstanding between the two of them has been resolved, and all Elliot wants to talk about is to ask her to give him another chance.

Avery politely refused last time, and now she can’t agree.

It’s not that Avery hated him so much, but that she didn’t feel calm enough.

Moreover, the current relationship between the two of them, respecting each other, neither too close nor too distant, isn’t it good?

“If we talk now, we can’t talk about the outcome.” Elliot could guess what Avery was thinking just by looking at the expression on her face.

Avery felt unbelievable, “Do you think you’ll be able to talk about the outcome after you come back from a business trip? How long have you been on a business trip?”

“A week.”

“Oh, let’s talk about it in a week! Have you finished playing cards and haven’t washed your hands yet?”

Avery thought his hands were dirty.

Elliot’s was stunned for a moment, and led her to the bathroom: “Then let’s wash our hands together!”

The two of them passed through the banquet hall under the watchful eyes of everyone.

“Have you noticed that their relationship has warmed up very quickly today?” Mike asked Eric.

Eric’s handsome face lacked interest. “I didn’t find it. Avery was forced to look at it.”

Mike sighed, “If another man forces her, see if it will succeed.”

Eric’s chin raised slightly. “I’m not optimistic about them. Don’t look at Elliot looking like a man now. In a few years, he won’t be able to do that.”

Mike sighed, “What’s the matter? Are old men like scraps here? If he still looks like a man now, could it be possible that he can transform into a woman in two years? Avery must not know that your mouth is so poisonous, right?”

Eric looked at him gently and explained, “I don’t discriminate against old men. I will grow old one day. But I discriminate against old cows like Elliot who have to eat young grass.”

Mike patted on his shoulder with a smile, “Don’t be sour. If Elliot is really bad after two years, I’m afraid Avery will not abandon him, but she will find a way to treat him. Have you forgotten Avery’s occupation?”

Eric frowned at his answer.

Chad saw that the two of them were chatting in secret, and came over with a smile: “What are you two talking about!”

Mike held back his smile: “He said your boss Elliot will die in two years.”

Chad understood in seconds.

The smile on Chad’s face suddenly solidified: “Eric, I know you don’t like my boss, but you don’t have to curse him like that. If he can’t do it, who will suffer? It’s Avery. If you are really good for Avery, you have to bless my boss when he is old and strong, and his sword is not old!”

Eric said, “Bless him, it is better to bless me to chase Avery earlier.”

Chad said, “It seems that my boss is right, you The thief’s heart will not die.”

Eric said, “Your boss Toad wants to eat swan meat.”

Chad’s face suddenly became extremely gloomy.

Mike suddenly coughed dryly and reminded: “The toad is here.”

Chad and Eric looked to the side.

They saw Elliot come over with a refreshing look on his face.

It seems that Elliot’s relationship with Avery has improved by leaps and bounds today.

“What are you talking about?” Eric asked lightly.

Chad didn’t expect that after this question was asked, the expressions of the three of them showed varying degrees of embarrassment.

“Chad.” Elliot concentrated and put pressure on Chad.

Chad immediately cleared his throat and said, “Eric said that you are about to die.”

After a pause, he added, “You also said that your toad wants to eat swan meat.” .

Just when the war was about to start, Avery came over. “What are you talking about?”

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