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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 953 | Simple Silence

Chapter 953

Daniel said, “Why hasn’t your dad come yet?”

Layla said, “My dad has come a long time ago! He’s in the banquet hall now!”

Daniel grabbed his head and looked around.

“Which one is your father? Why doesn’t he come to play with you? Does he eat lazy and do nothing right every day, so your mother doesn’t stay with him? So you don’t like him either?”

Layla was stunned, but she just didn’t want to tell Daniel the truth, “My father is not good, lazy and not doing a good job! I just won’t tell you who my father is. Don’t you say you are better than my brother, then you go by yourself Look!”

Mike smiled, “Daniel, why do you want to know who Hayden and Layla’s father is?”

Daniel said, “I’m curious! My mother said Hayden’s father was Elliot, but my father said no. The two of them have argued several times about this.”

Mike laughed, “Then do you believe in your mother or your father?”

Daniel said, “I believe in my father. Because my father treats me better. If Hayden’s father was really Elliot, Hayden wouldn’t want this father! Elliot is so good! He is my idol!”

Hayden listened to Daniel’s words. He didn’t bother to argue with Daniel and walked away silently.

Not long after, there was a melodious piano sound in the banquet hall.

Seeing Eric playing the piano on the stage, Layla immediately handed over Robert to Mike, and then ran towards the stage.

Mike hugged Robert and stared at Hayden’s classmates.

“Are you talented? Do you want to go on stage to perform?” Mike was a little bored watching them stalk.

Everyone shook their heads, not interested in performing arts.

“You won’t find a girlfriend in the future.” Mike scared them.

“My dad said that as long as he can make money, he will definitely find a girlfriend!” Daniel said sternly.

“Your dad is right, you can find a girlfriend if you have money, but you can’t find a rich, beautiful and talented girlfriend like Layla.”

All the little boys were silent.

The time flickered, and it was 4 p.m.

After the game ended, Elliot gained a lot of money.

Avery asked him: “Didn’t you say you can’t play cards? How can you win so much?”

Elliot said, “No matter what cards I play, they don’t care. Are they afraid of me? Do I seem like such a careful person? “

Avery was speechless.

Elliot wanted to hug his son, so he asked, “Where’s Robert?”

Avery said, “Just fell asleep.”

Elliot continued. “Oh, where’s Layla?”

Avery responded, “With Eric.”

“Where’s Hayden?” Elliot knew that Hayden didn’t want to see him, but Elliot still wanted to know what he was doing.

Avery answered, “Being with Mike.”

Elliot frowned slightly, “Why is it similar to being at home? Aren’t the two of them not very gregarious?”

Avery said, “You are not gregarious, and I haven’t seen you well. Children don’t get along well. What’s the matter?”

Elliot looked at her helplessly and asked in a low voice, “Why are you so angry? I didn’t show a cold face to anyone today.”

Avery said, “Who let you win so much money alone? You saw it earlier. If others are afraid of you, you should end the game and make a substitution.”

Elliot was a little aggrieved, but after thinking about it, he felt that Avery was right.

Elliot promised, “I’ll pay attention later.”

“I haven’t finished today, what will I do in the future?” Avery felt hot in her heart, and turned around to leave.

Elliot big palm grabbed her slender arm, and his tone was a little hurried: “Avery, I’m going on a business trip tomorrow. When I get back from a business trip, let’s have a good talk!”

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