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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 952 | Simple Silence

Chapter 952

Someone next to him laughed and said, “Mr. Foster’s assistant has gone to get him cash. It seems that Mr. Foster is going to bleed a lot today!”

Everyone burst into laughter.

Avery’s cheeks were slightly red. She didn’t expect Elliot to work so hard to accompany the guests.

“Don’t play too much.” Avery reminded.

“Avery, you just started to feel sorry for Mr. Foster’s wallet?” Everyone laughed again.

Elliot looked at her meaningfully and asked, “Would you like to sit next to me and be my military advisor?”

Avery avoided his deep eyes and said to others, “You can play, don’t be merciful to him.”

When she finished spesking, she walked away with the child in her arms.

Jun walked over from the buffet area with his plate. “Avery, don’t worry about Elliot. He won’t lose money.”

Avery bit the bullet and explained, “I’m not worried about him.”

“Then why did they laugh so loudly just now?” Jun showed no mercy. He pierced Avery, “What did Tammy say to you outside? Shouldn’t she tell you what happened last night?”

Jun felt a little ashamed of what happened last night, so he didn’t want to be publicized. But based on what he knew about Tammy, he felt that Avery probably knew it.

“Uh…the playlist on your phone is unexpected.” Avery teased.

Jun sighed, “The system automatically recommends it, not the playlist I created.”

Avery smiled happily, “That’s because the system wants to help you. But you should try to drink less alcohol in the future. Tammy is still pregnant. It’s possible, don’t accidentally get pregnant and because you drink alcohol, something goes wrong with the fetus.”

The expression on Jun’s face suddenly froze.

Avery reminded, “But I suggest you don’t tell your parents that first. I’m afraid they have too much hope and think it’s an easy thing.”

Jun nodded again and again: “I’ve made up with my parents. They also apologized to Tammy. So Tammy was a little excited last night and had to try it.”

“That’s it.”

“Avery, Rou’were holding the child all the time, how tiring! Go and take a rest. After I finish eating, I will go to see Elliot and play cards!” After Jun finished speaking, he returned to the buffet area.

Avery held the child and prepared to go to Tammy’s side.

At this time, Layla suddenly ran over to hug her brother, Robert.

When Layla was at home, she hugged Robert. She could move, but not for too long.

“Mom, I want to take Robert to show my brother’s classmates!” Layla discussed with Avery, “I think my brother is better-looking than them! They will definitely feel inferior when they see my brother!”

Avery didn’t understand Layla: “Those big brothers like you very much! Why do you want them to feel inferior?”

Layla said, “I just want to show off my brother! My brother grows up, he is so handsome, when he grows up, Definitely the invincible handsome in the universe!”

Avery understood that Layla was playing with her vanity.

Mike came over and said, “Avery, it’s alright if I watch the child. You better go and relieve Eric!”

Avery nodded.

Mike put his hand on Layla’s shoulder. Layla hugged Robert and walked towards the children.

When the children saw Robert, they all showed curious eyes.

“Layla, is this your brother?” A classmate asked.

“That’s right! Isn’t my brother handsome?!” Layla looked smug.

“Your brother looks so strange…” Another classmate stared at Robert’s face without blinking, “He doesn’t look like you at all!”

Layla frowned, “My brother is not me. Of course he doesn’t look like me! He looks like my dad! My dad is handsome too!”

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