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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2503 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2503

A few children were making snowmen on the street.

Looking at the cheerful smiles on the children’s faces and the silver bell-like laughter, she raised the corners of her mouth.

She was easily infected by beautiful people and things. As if encouraged, she wrapped her scarf and went out the door.

Not far from the group of children, she also built a snowman.

She made two snowmen, one bigger and one smaller.

“Sister, what you built?” A little girl ran up to her, looked at the snowman she built, and asked crisply.

Siena covered her face with a scarf, only revealing a pair of bright eyes. “This is me and my mother-in-law.”

“Oh… the older one is your mother-in-law, and the younger one is you!” the girl continued to ask.

Siena shook her head: “The older one is me, and the younger one is my mother-in-law.”

When her mother-in-law was not sick, she was relatively thin. After being sick, she became thinner and smaller.

When Siena was a child, she felt that her mother-in-law was like a big tree, tall and strong, which gave her a full sense of security. But then she soon outgrew her mother-in-law.

As she grows up day by day and her mother-in-law gets older day by day, it becomes her to protect her mother-in-law.

It’s a pity that her mother-in-law didn’t wait until the day when she became more capable.

At 6:30 p.m.

The winter night seemed to be covered with a layer of cold mist, and it was cold all over the place.

After buying dinner, Siena quietly came to Hogan’s house.

The main building door was closed.

In this cold weather, few people opened their doors at night.

Siena relaxed a little, and opened the courtyard door of the auxiliary building.

Like yesterday, she walked to the window of the bedroom on the first floor and knocked on the window.

After a while, the door of the auxiliary building opened.

Siena saw the door open and trotted over immediately.

“Young Master, don’t worry! The gate of the main building is closed. No one saw me coming.” Siena put the dinner she was carrying on the dining table, then loosened the scarf around her neck and took off her gloves.

The heating was turned on in the villa, and she felt hot as soon as she entered.

“Young Master, have you eaten the pork ribs rice? I bought some more today so that you can have an extra meal tomorrow.” Siena took the lunch box out of the bag, “I see that you like to eat mutton cakes and Mutton soup, so I bought it again today. That store’s business is very good, and when I went there, there was still a queue!”

Lucas went to the dining chair and sat down.

Siena immediately put the mutton pie and mutton soup in front of him.

“Young Master, I took the other food and put it in the refrigerator.” Siena took the remaining rice and vegetables and walked towards the kitchen.

“My dad came to see me today.” Lucas took a bite of the mutton pie, looked at her back, and pretended to speak casually.

Siena stopped and turned to look at him: “What did your father say to you? Did he say when you will be free?”

“He asked me if I knew I was wrong, and I said no.” Lucas took a sip Mutton soup, said lightly, “He is very angry.”

After putting the lunch box in the refrigerator, Siena walked to the dining table and sat down, looked at him, and said helplessly: “Young Master, if you say you know your mistake, you must now be free again.”

“If you were me, you would lie for the sake of freedom, wouldn’t you?” Lucas said contemptuously, “You are you, I am me, I will not become weak, and I will not bow to those who hate me!”

Siena blushed: “Young Master, sometimes I admire you.” After a pause, she said, “You have a special idea. Even if you are wrong sometimes, you can be justified, persevere to the end, and never look back. “

You’re beating around the bush and scolding me again.” Lucas bit the pie hard.

“Young Master, I didn’t…” Siena tried to argue.

“My dad knows that you brought me food.” Lucas’s tone was unhurried, like a blunt knife cutting flesh, “He came to look for me at noon at that time, I happened to be eating pork ribs.”

Siena: “…”

Seeing her anxious face, Lucas added fuel to the fire: “I don’t know how he will punish you.”

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  1. Since this book is now focusing on Siena I wish the author would explain why the mother in law would be so obedient to Gloria and assist her in kidnapping a child. Why would the mother in law struggle to take care of a child all these years thats not hers and who’s father is a billionaire. Why would she just believe Gloria words that Avery murdered the Joblin family. That’s the story that the author author needs to focus on and not this Lucas/Hogan family. I also wonder if the wife in the Hogan family could be one of the many sisters of Norah. Make it make since please.

  2. I agree, The Siena/Haze storyline is very disjointed and incoherent. How is it not possible for Nick, the 2nd and 4th brothers to not have known about Haze’s disappearance. The fact that the Jobin industries was left to Haze and no search or, follow-up ever happened is bizarre as well. There are so many inconsistencies that I have lost count. To comfort myself until this story begins to make more sense, I am re-reading my favourite segments which I still enjoy more than this current story.

  3. Do you guys remember when Elliot went to yonderville when the fire first started looking for Haze.? Remember Nick telling Elliot don’t worry about Haze he will raised and take care of her. At that time Avery was waiting to divorce him for going. The only person that I know who knows everything about Haze is Rebecca’s housekeeper who was always with her and knows all about Haze from the very beginning before she was even born could she be the mother in law? I know the 3 brothers are involved somehow I hope Elliot will get them all back

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