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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2497 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2497

“This is not necessarily the case. Wasn’t there a famous male star who announced that he was married and had children on the day he retired? Maybe Eric has been married in secret for a long time, maybe the children are all grown up!” After Tammy finished speaking, Layla immediately found her mobile phone, found Eric’s number and dialed it.

Eric didn’t have work tonight, so he quickly answered the phone.

“Uncle Eric, are you married? Do you have any children?” Layla held the phone, feeling a little uneasy, “Have you ever had a secret marriage? Don’t worry, you tell me, I won’t tell others.”

Eric laughed aloud: “Why do you ask this?”

“I’m just curious! I saw a male star suddenly announced that he had a wife and children when he retired from the circle, and I wanted to know if you would also hide marriage.” Layla explained the reason.

“I don’t have a hidden marriage.” Eric asked back, “Has your brother returned to Aryadelle? I saw that you posted a group photo in Moments.”

Layla: “You just saw the group photo I posted the day before yesterday?”

Eric: “I don’t often see Mobile phone.”

“Why do you look less like a young man now. My parents still play with mobile phones. If you don’t play with mobile phones, what are you playing with every day?” Layla asked.

Eric: “I’m busy at work.”

“Okay! Then I won’t bother you.” When Layla was about to hang up the phone, she hesitated.

She thought about Eric coming out to drink tea when he was free, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw everyone staring at her, especially her father’s eyes, like a smart monitor staring at her.

She hung up the phone, planning to send a message to Eric later to make an appointment.



Six p.m. The sky was as dark as if it had been soaked in ink, and the lights in Hogan’s courtyard suddenly lit up, making the night less dull.

Holding a big bag in her arms, Siena pushed open the courtyard door of the auxiliary building, then walked to the window of the bedroom on the first floor, and knocked on the window.

After a few knocks, the window opened.

Lucas’s sharp but indifferent face appeared in front of her eyes.

“Young Master, open the door and let me in! I brought you some good things!” There was a bright light in Siena’s eyes, and her smiling face was like a ray of sunshine in winter.

Although her face was extremely ugly, Lucas didn’t feel disgusted.

On the contrary, the more Lucas looked at her face, the more pleasing to his eyes.

Siena blushed when she saw him, and found that Lucas was standing by the window not only did not move, but did not speak, so she explained: “The Master went out with his wife, will they come back in a while. Young Master, it’s so cold outside, why don’t you open the door!”

After Siena took a breath, she immediately walked towards the door.

Lucas closed the bedroom window, came out of the room like a ghost, and opened the door of the auxiliary building.

“Young Master, look what I brought you!” Siena put the bag on the table like offering a treasure, and took out one thing after another from the bag.

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