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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2494 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2494

The butler, Mr. Todd and servants of the Hogan family guard Mrs. Hogan, while the bodyguards of the Hogan family forcefully pull Lucas away.

“You be@st! You’re going to die!” Mrs. Hogan’s face was bloodied by the raw dog meat, and her breath was full of blood. She was shaking with anger.

Soon, the bodyguard pulled Lucas away, and Mrs. Hogan let out a heavy breath.

“Hit! Hit him to death! I’ll be the one who beat him to death!” Mrs. Hogan immediately gave orders to the bodyguards.

Seeing the bodyguard raised his leg to kick Lucas’s body. Siena felt her heart ache.

“Stop hitting! Stop hitting!” Siena had never stepped into the living room of the main building.

Even if she came to the main building, she only went to the back kitchen of the main building. There was a back door to go in and out of the back kitchen.

Hearing her scream, the bodyguard stopped and looked at Siena.

“What are you stopping for! Keep beating! The Master is not at home today, I have the final say on this house!” Mrs. Hogan was determined to beat Lucas to death otherwise, he will definitely do more egregious things in the future.

The two bodyguards continued to punch and kick Lucas.

Siena was frightened by the violent scene and shed tears.

“Ma’am, tell them to stop! Master went to the auxiliary building this morning and talked to Young Master! I heard it in the kitchen!” Siena walked to Mrs. Hogan, knelt down, and begged to speak.

Mrs. Hogan raised her eyebrows: “What did the Master say to this be@st?!”

“The Master said that if someone bullies the Young Master, let the Young Master tell him and he will definitely not ignore it.” Siena said, looking at the sky outside the window, “Ma’am, the Master may come back at any time, please tell them not to fight. Even if the Young Master is wrong, the master will definitely punish him.”

Mrs. Hogan gradually regained her senses in her body. She was still a little jealous of her husband. So she winked at the bodyguard.

After the bodyguard stopped, Siena immediately went to help Lucas.

“Young Master, can you still get up? If you can’t move, I…” Siena asked with tears in her eyes.

Lucas immediately grabbed her arm and stood up from the ground with his strength. He limped and walked outside.

Back in the auxiliary building, Siena looked at his crumpled clothes and remembered the scene of him being beaten just now.

When Siena was hesitating whether to comfort Lucas, Lucas had already walked to the dining table, picked up the bowl of noodles just now, and started eating.

Siena: “…”

Lucas quickly finished eating the noodles, and asked, “Where’s the steamed bun?”

Siena immediately went to the kitchen to get the steamed bun.

When handing the steamed buns to Lucas, Siena eased the atmosphere: “Young master, you are really resistant to beating.”

Lucas frowned: “Are you praising me?”

Siena: “I…I just want to let you be happy and forget about what happened just now. Young master, are you really okay? How about I help you take a look?”

Lucas: “If I have something to do, what can you do?”

This question stopped Siena..

After thinking for a while, Siena said sincerely: “There are still eggs in the refrigerator. Young Master, I can boil a few more eggs and roll your wounds.”

Lucas had a headache and wanted her to roll, but when he thought of her kneeling just now, he held back the appearance of pleading for himself in front of Mrs. Hogan.

Lucas: “Get off work!”

Siena shook her head: “The Master should be back soon. I want to see how the Master handles this matter.”

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