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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2491 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2491

Siena hurriedly walked to the yellow dog, touched the yellow dog’s body, it was already cold.

She suddenly thought of her mother-in-law’s appearance when she died, and the tears couldn’t stop streaming down.

In the building, Lucas was woken up.

He was wearing a thin shirt and opened the door with a sleepy face. Seeing the scene in the yard, his eyes suddenly became cold and cold.

He started raising the dog when he was 6 years old.

Unexpectedly, within a day after arriving at Hogan’s house, the dog was poisoned to death.

Main building, living room.

Master Hogan’s face was sullen, his eyes could not hide the look of exhaustion.

Mrs. Hogan looked at everything in front of her with disgust.

“I ordered someone to poison it to death! It’s just a wild dog! It’s a worthless thing. What are you trying to do now that you are so angry?” Mrs. Hogan looked at Lucas, and said contemptuously, “Before I ordered someone to poison your dog, I discussed it with your father. Our Hogan family does not allow this kind of wild dog!”

“It’s my pet, not a wild dog!” Lucas clenched his fists tightly, hatred burst out from his eyes.

“Lucas, your dog kept barking yesterday, what if it bites someone one day? If you like keeping pets, I’ll give you a docile pet dog as compensation, how about it?” Looking at the dead body of the yellow dog that was carried in, Mr. Hogan felt very unlucky, “I’ll let someone carry this dog and bury it!”

“Don’t touch my dog!” Lucas’s eyes were scarlet, and he gritted his teeth tightly as he looked at his father, “If you hadn’t begged me to go back to your house, I would never have come back with you! Since you dislike my dog ​​so much, why didn’t you tell me yesterday?! I will never forgive you!”

Lucas said, and hugging the yellow dog corpse he strode away.

“Younb Master, wait for me!” Siena hurriedly ran out.

Facing the wind and snow, the two headed west all the way.

After walking a certain distance, Lucas realized that Siena had been following him.

Lucas: “Why are you following me? I won’t go back to Hogan’s house!”

“Young master, if you don’t go back, I won’t go back either.” Siena’s eyes were red, and her nasal voice was a little heavy, “They went too far.”

“You cry, why?” Lucas watched her tears welling in her eyes, her emotions were infected, as if something was stuck in her throat and felt very uncomfortable.

“My mother-in-law died the day before yesterday.” Siena paused when she said this, “Young Master, if you don’t mind, you can bury your dog next to my mother-in-law.”

Lucas: “Is your mother-in-law’s grave far away?”

“Not far.” Siena led him to the cemetery, “Let your dog protect my mother-in-law from now on.”

Lucas: “…”

Siena: “Master, if you don’t go back to Hogan’s house in the future, then where are you going? They said your mother is getting married. Do you have a place to go?”

Lucas’s face became gloomy again.

“If you don’t mind, you can go to my place first. There will be a blizzard today, if you don’t find a place to stay, you will freeze to death.” Siena looked at the thin windbreaker on his body and reminded him kindly.

Lucas did not answer. At this moment, many thoughts flashed through his mind.

He had lived in a daze until now, thinking that no matter how bad life was, it would never be worse than before. Unexpectedly, reality gave him a hard blow.

If he just left the Hogan family like this, he would not be reconciled.

In the afternoon, after burying the dog, Siena took Lucas to her rented house.

The weather was bad today, it was only after 5:00 p.m., and it was completely dark.

Siena gave up her room to Lucas, while she went to her mother-in-law’s room to rest.

The next morning, after cooking the noodles, she went to call Lucas for breakfast, but found that there was no one in the room.

Lucas had left.

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    1. Definitivamente no me gustó el giro que dió esto… Siena que llame a Lili y se quite la máscara y ya sea reconocida por elliot y Avery.. ya basta de tanto sufrimiento para Siena desde que nació paso por todo.

  1. What I read today is utter nonsense!! Is the author just making anything up to fill up space on the page? I can’t understand why Avery & Elliot had to be written out. So disappointing😓

  2. What a waste of pages. Who the hell are these people, this whole story is about AVERY AND ELLIOT bring them back. I’m done. You are not a real writer, what a waste, you ruin a great story so f*** you and whatever you’re on now.


    1. How rude. If you don’t like the book just stop reading it and go on to something else. No reason for all the profanity.

      1. Yes, very rude and ill- tempered. We are reading it for free though we too, don’t like the flow of the story as from now. The cursing won’t help the situation.

  4. RUBBISH! and more RUBBISH! nobody wants to read about some blasted yellow dog and a young master. This is what Elliot and Avery was replaced with? Unbelievable….this book could have been so good but you ruin it with nonsense…What a confused and lost author

    1. You must be the writer or related to the writer author, translator, because you always just copy and paste the SAME COMMENT. You seem to be the only one satisfied with this “romance novel” NO ROMANCE IN THIS NOVEL, NO AVERY, NO ELLIOTT, JUST DONT KNOW ABOUT THIS.

  5. I can totally sympathize with the frustration everyone is feeling with the way this story is being played out. To think that after almost 2,500 chapters we are left with this disappointing and convoluted storyline. The title should be changed from “When his eyes opened” to “When our eyes closed” because it is really hard to keep them opened to read this anymore.

  6. So does this mean we’re going to get another 2000+ pages of Siena’s story? It’s like a completely separate book. Sad that Avery and Elliot’s story had to end so abruptly without any closure regarding what happened to Haze.

  7. Pissed off reader

    Obviously this is not a true author. No author would say P.S. this story is over but here is another one. Avery & Elliot are done and so am I.

  8. This was the first online book I read and the last. To say I am disappointed is a huge understatement. I was “done” almost a 1000 “chapters” ago. Way too many characters, too much stupid stuff or page fillers, talking about dumplings etc. After wasting so much of our time on characters other than Avery and Elliot – the writer didn’t give closure to ANY character. The “writer” failed to take the intelligence level of his audience into account – I mean a 12 year old boy (Hayden) can start the a revolutionary company producing the most sought after car around, travel from country to country, buy missiles in a foreign country, etc etc, but not find haze who is best friends with Lilly? Who was taken and lived with his mom’s assistant? The readers read so much BS hoping for a happy ending, a reunion. Maybe some closure for the other characters. For once I am thankful it was only 4 pages a day- I didn’t have to waste too much time reading all the page fillers. But I refuse to read anything after This is the end of Avery and Elliot’s story.

    Did Hayden mature and actually grow up? Did he take over either of his parents businessss? Did Gwen and Ben have their baby? What happened to Cole and Henry- two of the original characters? What happened to Norah Jones? Did she just hide out the rest of her life? What about Layla? Did she grow up to be a big star? Haze grew up in poverty (down the road from her parents) who didn’t manage to find her under their noses with all their resources and just gave up on her which is completely out of character for both of them. “Sienna” is heir to the Jobin Family and daughter of two of the riches parents around but is working for a twisted family that kills dogs?? No one bothered to go to Gloria’s house and look for clues when they returned – KNOWING Gloria had Haze?? Did the “step mother” wonder or find out what happened to Gloria? What happened to Elliots new assistant after his connection with Norah was found out? What became of Sasha? All of these powerful, intelligent people just gave up and couldn’t find a poor orphan who lived around the corner?

    Please don’t be sucked in to the new “story” There are literally hundreds of comments from unhappy readers, why torture yourself. The writer originally had some good ideas and writing but needs to mature and figure out how to focus on the actual story and stop insulting his readers with BS. I always wanted to wrote a book and have started several novels – but I didn’t because I didn’t want my potential readers to be disappointed. What this “novel” taught me is people will read anything!

  9. “Hayden wasn’t sure what he should do next. He was surprised by they didn’t find more information out anout Haze’s whereabouts from Nick, but he felt certain Haze was still out there and probably close since Gloria had accepted the job with Avery. Elliot was diligent vetting employees for hire, especially those who would work so closely with his family. Perhaps Haze was right here under their noses all along. He knew he needed to start with Gloria, her history and where she lived the last few years. There were too many people who knew that Haze had been taken including Norah and Sasha. Norah had hired Elliott’s new assistant to track down Gloria, was it because she knew Gloria had Haze? Tonight he would spend with his family, thankful that Mike, his father, and himself made it home safely. But tomorrow he would begin a new search for his sister, closer to home, and find her so his family was finally complete and his parents could be at peace. With all of his technology and resources it was definitely possible.”.

    I mean how hard is it? no dumplings or :/ emoji’s. No new characters or dead dogs.

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