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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2489 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2489

After seeing Siena’s face clearly, the yellow dog seemed to be frightened.

“Big Yellow Dog, don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.” Siena took a deep breath and tried to negotiate friendly with Big Yellow Dog, “I’m just here to work, we will get along friendly in the future, I will feed you well every day!”

Saying that, Siena threw a steamed bun over.

The yellow dog immediately bit the steamed bun.

With a restless heart, Siena quickly entered the auxiliary building.

In the living room of the auxiliary building, a tall and thin man stood. He was about 1.8 meters tall. Siena had to look up to see his face clearly.

The heating was not turned on in the living room, and it was very cold, but he was only wearing a thin blue windbreaker.

He was the illegitimate son that Master Hogan picked up today.

When Siena looked at him, he also looked at Siena.

Like the yellow dog in the yard, he stared at the scar on Siena’s face and was stunned.

“Young Master Hogan, hello, my name is Siena, I am… I will be eighteen years old this year. Don’t look at me as young, but I work very quickly, I hope you don’t dislike me and let me stay and work.”

Siena finished nervously and lowered her head.

Lucas Hogan frowned, and asked: “Your face?”

“I… There was a fire in my house when I was a child, so that’s it.” Siena kept her mother-in-law’s teachings in mind, and dared not tell anyone. The truth, but she was afraid that Lucas would hate her, “Young Master Hogan, did I scare you? Did I…”

“You scared my dog.” Lucas looked into the yard glance.

The dog was watching Siena eagerly outside, not daring to come in.

“Uh… why is your dog so timid? Hasn’t it seen anyone uglier than me?” Siena looked at the dog in the yard and wondered.

Lucas raised his eyebrows: “Mrs. Hogan sent you to make me angry!”

“Mrs. Hogan didn’t say that. She thinks I’m so ugly, you will definitely turn off my appetite when you see me.” Siena said truthfully, “Young Master Hogan, if you think I’m off-putting, I can wear a mask in the future. I know you must be a little bit wronged when you just came back to this home, but at least you still have a home. Unlike me…”

“Gu— —” Lucas’s stomach protested.

Siena immediately took the ingredients brought from the main building and went to the kitchen: “Young Master, wait, I’ll cook right away.”

Lucas sat down on the sofa clutching his aching stomach.

Just now, Siena crackled and said a lot, it was so noisy!

Maybe the gods were against him on purpose. At this time, the phone rang inappropriately, which made him not only have a stomachache, but also a headache.

When Lucas saw his mother’s call, he blacklisted his mother’s number without thinking.

“Young Master, I boiled the eggs.” Not long after, Siena came out of the kitchen with the boiled and peeled eggs.

Lucas looked at the white egg in her palm and thought it was ridiculous.

Could an egg fill my stomach?

He couldn’t help but want to get angry. Was this what Siena just promised to be good at work?

“Young Master, roll it on your face.” Siena looked at the bruise on his face, and said with concern, “It will be much more comfortable.”

Lucas: “???” He thought it was for him to eat of!

After her words settled down, Lucas stuffed the egg into his mouth and quickly ate it.

Siena was stunned.

Lucas: “Why don’t you hurry up and cook?! I’m hungry!”

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