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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2488 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2488

“Siena, what are you still doing! Come and help! The Hogan family has another young master, and the housekeeper will definitely leave you to work.” Auntie Perry shouted at Siena.

Siena immediately put down her bag and walked over to help.

An hour later, Master Hogan’s car stopped in front of Hogan’s house.

Not long after, Master Hogan and Mrs. Hogan quarreled in the living room.

“Lucas Hogan is my son, now his mother doesn’t want him anymore, I can’t leave him alone!” Master Hogan roared, “I let him live in the auxiliary building because I was afraid you would make trouble! If you still can’t stand it, then get out!”

Mrs. Hogan was shocked, and her heart was full of grievances that turned into tears. It was impossible for her to leave the Hogan family, her children were all here, this was her home!

“Why doesn’t his mother want him anymore? He has been raised so much, let him go back from Hogan’s house now! Did his mother let him come to Hogan’s house to divide the family property on purpose?!” Mrs. Hogan wiped away her tears and sneered.

“You think too much! His mother is going to get married! The woman despises him as a fool!” Master Hogan said arrogantly, “Since I brought him back, he will be the young master of the Hogan family from now on!”

“Okay! Anyway, this is not the only illegitimate child you brought back, and it probably won’t be the last time!” Mrs. Hogan yelled heartbreakingly, “I won’t give that ba*tard a good face! You let him hide in the auxiliary building and don’t mess with me!”

After a while, the butler (housekeeper), Mr. Todd came to the back kitchen.

“Which of you would like to go to the auxiliary building to take care of Young Master Hogan?” Mr. Todd sighed, “If you go to the auxiliary building, you will be dedicated to the daily life of Young Master Hogan in the future.”

“I won’t go. If you go to the auxiliary building, you will be fighting against your wife.”

“Yes! Who dares to do such a thankless job!” The servants chattered, and no one wanted to go to the auxiliary building.

At this time, Mrs. Hogan came to the kitchen and gave everyone a sharp look.

Finally, Mrs. Hogan eyes fell on Siena. She looked at the ugly and hideous scar on Siena’s face, and showed a satisfied expression: “You go to the auxiliary building to serve that ba*tard! I think he will not be able to eat the disgusting meal when he sees you. hahaha!”

Siena lowered her head and refused. : “Madam, I…”

Mrs. Hogan: “I’ll give you double salary. Don’t be ignorant!”

“Ma’am, I’ll go!” Siena immediately raised her head and agreed to the job.

After Mrs. Hogan left, Mr. Todd looked at Siena with a complicated expression: “This job should be quite leisurely, but…”

In order to double the salary, Siena cautiously said: “Uncle Todd, I will work hard.”

“Young master Hogan brought a dog. We don’t know what breed it is, it’s quite big and fierce.” Mr. Todd frowned, “I’m afraid that the dog will go crazy and bite you to death.”

Siena: “…”

“And Young Master Hogan has wounds on his face, so he looks like a brawler! You must be careful! Don’t be killed by him instead of being bitten to death by his dog.” Although Mr. Todd was worried, Mrs. Hogan appointed Siena to take care of Young Master Hogan, and Mr. Todd couldn’t do anything about it.

“Uncle Todd, I still won’t go.” Siena was terrified.

“You’d better go try it! If you can’t, let’s talk about it.” Mr. Todd persuaded, “You owed a lot of money for treating your mother-in-law before! You are about to take the big exam, and college tuition fees will also be a problem in the future. You don’t earn any money now. Siena, what can you do in the future!”

Siena thought of the future, as if she had been beaten by frost.

“Let’s go!” Mr. Todd led the way, “When you arrive at the auxiliary building, you will follow Young Master Hogan’s orders from now on.”

The two of them arrived at the entrance of the auxiliary building, but before they entered, a big yellow dog suddenly appeared and barked wildly.

Mr. Todd turned and left in fright.

“Siena, go in by yourself! There are some difficulties you have to learn to overcome by yourself!” Mr. Todd said. And in an instant, the butler Mr. Todd disappeared before his eyes.

Siena was so frightened by the ferocious barking that her face turned pale, and she was hesitating whether to leave when the yellow dog in the yard suddenly stopped barking.

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