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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2485 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2485

Hayden: “He didn’t drink tonight, why did he get drunk?”

Hayden blushed and walked quickly towards his room.

“Hey! Why are you blushing! He is your father! You came to Yonroeville this time to help him, right?” Mike chased after him.

With a bang, Hayden closed the door, and Mike’s nose was ashamed.

Two days later, the three returned from Yonroeville.

Avery picked them up at the airport.

Seeing them appearing in front of them safe and sound, Avery heaved a sigh of relief.

“Mike, it’s hard work for you to make this trip.” Avery first expressed her gratitude to Mike.

“What are you being polite about?” Mike said, leaning into Avery’s ear, and whispered, “Please persuade your husband! He has been sluggish and negative for the past two days.”

Avery could see Elliot. Elliot had lost a lot of weight compared to before going to Yonroeville. Moreover, his face was pale and haggard, as if he had suffered a serious illness.

“You and Hayden go back first. I’ll go outside with him and then go back.” Avery said to Mike.

“Okay. Then let’s go first!” Mike took Hayden’s shoulder and left the airport quickly.

Avery watched their figures disappear before her eyes, took a deep breath, and looked at Elliot.

Avery: “Elliot, show me Haze’s video.”

Elliot: “It will be very uncomfortable to watch. That’s why I didn’t send it to you.”

“I want to see.” Avery stretched out her hand towards him.

Elliot handed her the phone.

Avery found the video, clicked on it, and watched it again.

“Watching the video, I feel that Haze looks more like you in some angles.” Avery’s voice softened a bit.

“She is our daughter, so she is like us.” Elliot has been in a heavy mood for the past two days, but when he returned to Aryadelle and saw Avery, he felt much better. Maybe Haze’s death is also a relief. On the other hand, I hope she is still alive, even if it is hard, at least there will be a chance to recognize each other in the future.”

“Everyone has a different understanding of suffering. There are people who are entangled but spirited. There are people who are poor but optimistic. Our daughter, if she is still alive, I believe she will be like a seed, defying the cold wind and scorching sun, breaking through the ground and standing towards the sun.”

Elliot nodded with scarlet eyes.

Avery took her hand and led him outside: “It’s snowing lightly now, and many people are playing outside. Let’s take a walk outside to get some air.”

Elliot: “Yeah.”

Walk out of the airport and step into the snow But Elliot didn’t feel cold at all.

He suddenly remembered something, and excitedly shared it with Avery: “Hayden called me ‘father’.”

Avery was astonished: “How is that possible!”

Elliot: “I have a fever, I can hear it clearly.”

Avery immediately reached out and touched his forehead.

“After taking the medicine, I’m fine.” Elliot held her hand again, his eyes were a little hot, “Honey, I’ve been going around all these years, thank you for staying by my side.”

Avery looked at the snowflakes in a daze and landed on Elliot. She couldn’t help but tiptoed and pressed a kiss on his lips.

This kiss seemed to say — ‘you’re welcome, because you deserve it’.

Author’s Note: The story of Avery and Elliot ends here. Later they will appear in Haze’s story as supporting roles.

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    1. Brincadeira um final desse para o casal protagonista!😠
      Pelo visto a história não vai mais falar sobre Elliot,Every ou dos irmãos da Hazel/Syena.
      Que porcaria de história é essa?🙄

    1. Quey mal final para Elliott y Avery, creo que después de hacernos la historia loca y larga me desepciono este disque final. Escritor mejor dedícate a otra cosa No eres un buen escritor. Lástima de mi tiempo perdido. Y ni creas que voy a seguir tu escritura de Haze, lo poco que leí está peor. Ya métete a otra cosa, decepcionaste.😡😡

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