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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2480 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2480

Elliot really did not expect that Hayden would be so direct.

Hayden simply didn’t give the other party a chance to breathe, nor did he have room to think.

That was at Nick’s house.

In their territory, if he directly tears himself apart from them, they will do extreme things?

“Hayden, we don’t have any evidence yet.” Elliot lowered his voice and spoke to his son.

But his words were heard clearly by others.

Ha ha! Unexpectedly, the father and son dared to say this without evidence.

“Didn’t that guy say he was a man just now?” Hayden said this directly to the second brother, “What kind of man is he if he dares to act but not to be? Such a cowardly villain is generally called a coward.”


The second brother was so angry that he slapped the table and stood up, staring at Hayden with his big round eyes, and shouted angrily: “You brat, how dare you to scold me!”

Hayden said leisurely, “I’m scolding you three.”

The fourth brother in the play and Nick: “…”

“Hehe! Elliot, you made your son say these things, right?!” The second brother thought it was Elliot’s plan!

Elliot: “Yes, what my son means is what I mean.”

No matter what trouble Hayden caused, Elliot had to bear it.

Hayden smiled contemptuously: “I can say whatever I want, and do whatever I want, and I don’t need to tell my father at all. Don’t you think I’m afraid of you?”

The second brother’s complexion turned black, and he was furious!

A murderous aura rose from the bottom of his heart.

“Elliot, if you teach your son a lesson now, I can pretend nothing happened!” The second brother put pressure on Elliot.

Elliot looked solemn, and said word by word: “I thought what he just said was very clear. Everything my son said was what I wanted to say. Even if there is no evidence, I dare to say that there are dozens of members of the Jobin family killed them.”

There was a ‘bang’!

The fourth brother slapped the table and stood up.

“Elliot, do you think we dare not kill you?!” The fourth brother blushed excitedly, the red blood in his eyes was like a big net that could eat people, “Since we dare to attack the Jobin family, we are not afraid to kill you again.”

Hayden: “He recruited.”

Elliot nodded: “Yeah.”

The fourth brother: “???”

The expressions of the father and son were too calm, and the tone was not turbulent.

Did they not hear what he threatened them just now, or did they ignore him at all?

The second brother felt that they were too arrogant, so he decided to go all out!

However, to do this, the three brothers must work together.

So the second brother looked at Nick.

“Third brother, now that father and son know everything, we have no other choice.” The second brother excitedly said, “We’ll kill them now, what do you think?”

Nick was very troubled. He had a better personal relationship with Elliot.

At the beginning, the decision to join hands with the second and fourth brothers to deal with the Jobin family was only for profit.

But what’s the benefit of dealing with Elliot? Nothing good! Why did things that were not beneficial?

“I think…” Nick decided to persuade him to make peace.

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