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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2473 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2473

“Oh… your father must be very happy?” Ben was very moved, “If my son grows up, he can be as good as Hayden and protect me like Hayden, I will be so touched!”

Layla: “Uncle Ben, your son will definitely not be as good as my brother! My brother is the most powerful in the world people.”

The smile on Ben’s face froze.

Layla continued: “Unless my brother is dead, your son may be the most powerful. Because by then, my father must be dead too.”

Layla’s implication was that her father and brother were the most powerful man in the world.

Ben: “Layla, you don’t want to say ‘death’ for New Year!”

“Bah bah bah! Can you two stop talking about such unlucky things?” Gwen said immediately, “You can’t bless my pregnancy. Is it a daughter? I don’t want a son!”

Ben: “…”

Layla smiled: “Auntie Gwen, you must be a daughter in your belly.”

Gwen was very happy when she heard this: “How do you know?”

Layla: “Hey, I’m talking nonsense! As long as Auntie Gwen is happy, I can say anything.”

Everyone immediately laughed.



Elliot excitedly went to the airport to pick up his son.

Avery called him the day before yesterday and told him to stay in the hotel, don’t go anywhere, don’t act rashly, and wait for the support of Hayden and Mike to arrive before moving.

Elliot was so moved that he rested in the hotel for the past two days. Otherwise, if he get stuck with the people here, the situation will become more dangerous when the son comes.

At the airport, when Elliot saw Hayden and Mike, he immediately went up to them.

“Hayden, you…” Before Elliot finished speaking, Mike interrupted: “I’m starving! Have you prepared any food?”

Elliot: “Ready. Go back to the hotel for dinner first. Let’s go!”

“Oh! Help me with the luggage!” Mike threw the large suitcase in his hand to Elliot.

Seeing this, Elliot’s bodyguard immediately wanted to pick him up.

“Just keep us safe, and your boss can do small things like carrying suitcases.” Mike yawned.

The bodyguard immediately withdrew his hand, raised his vigilance, and looked around to see if there was any potential danger.

“By the way, aren’t you here to support us? Why are you two alone?” The bodyguards were puzzled after escorting them into the car.

Mike: “You’re stupid! Even if you really brought something, it’s impossible to let everyone know about it!”

The bodyguard nodded and continued to ask curiously: “Then how many people did you bring? What about weapons? My boss suspected that the matter of the Jobin family has something to do with the brothers he was allied with…”

“Your boss is too late.” Mike complained to the bodyguard in front of Elliot, “From what I heard Gloria Wiens returned to Yonroeville and was killed, I guessed it.”

The bodyguard shut up in embarrassment, and sneaked a glance at Elliot.

Elliot had actually suspected this for a long time, but there was no evidence, so it was hard to say it out.

Gloria’s death was the trigger for the incident to erupt again.

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