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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2465 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2465

“You have run to Yonroeville many times for Haze’s business, right? I have not been able to find it out, have you? Maybe it’s because the murderer is covering the sky?” Mike guessed, “If this happened in Aryadelle, I’m afraid the truth would have been revealed long ago.”

“The situation in Yonroeville is much more complicated than that in Aryadelle, and it is difficult to tell the murderer until there is no evidence. Who it is. Anyone is possible.” When Avery said these words, her body couldn’t stop shivering, “Elliot insists on going there, so I can only let him go.”

“Don’t worry. He doesn’t exist in Yonroeville. Anyone you know? As long as he doesn’t fight against the snobbery over there, no one will hurt him. No one will do anything that is good.”

Mike’s comfort made Avery nodded: “You are right. Yes, he will definitely be measured.”

Mike: “Then don’t frown.”

Avery: “Well.”

At 10 o’clock in the evening, after the annual meeting, Avery and the children drove home.

At this point, Robert was already asleep.

Avery didn’t want Robert to come to the annual meeting tonight, after all, the venue was too noisy.

But Robert insisted on playing together.

Avery couldn’t resist, so she brought Robert here.

“Mom, I’m so happy tonight!” Robert held a few dolls in his arms, which were given to him by everyone.

Avery: “Mom sees that you are very happy today. But it’s very late today, so you have to take a bath and sleep when you get home.”

“Mom, I’ll sleep with you tonight!” Robert coquettishly.

“Okay!” Avery agreed.

“Mom, I want to sleep with you too!” Layla said without thinking, “When will Dad come back? Can he come back during the Spring Festival?”

“I don’t know yet! It doesn’t matter if he can come back by then, Mom will definitely spend the Spring Festival with you.” Avery smiled and assured Layla, “You don’t have to worry about Dad, Dad is fine!”

Layla: “Why does he have to go so far away? Don’t even tell me.”

“Don’t be angry. Your father decided to go there on the spur of the moment. Something happened to a friend of his, so he went to have a look.” Avery made up an excuse, “Didn’t your brother come back to accompany you? Let’s celebrate the Spring Festival happily and come back when Dad finishes his work.”

After Elliot arrived in Yonroeville, he immediately went to Wiens’s house.

Gloria’s body has been cremated and buried, and the life of the Wiens family has returned to tranquility, as if nothing had happened.

“Madam Wiens, I want to chat with you alone.” Elliot said to Mrs. Wiens after seeing Kai Wiens and his wife.

“This…Mr. Foster, my husband is the head of our family. If you have anything to say, just tell my husband.” Mrs. Wiens refused to chat with Elliot privately without even thinking about it.

“Since I asked you to chat alone, it must be because I have something you care about.” Elliot said, “Your daughter was my wife’s assistant when she was alive. We have her belongings in our hands. Don’t you want to see them?”

After Mrs. Wiens heard these words, the calmness on her face suddenly disappeared.

“Mr. Foster, can’t I see my daughter’s belongings?” Kai Wiens asked.

“The thing is in my hands. I can show it to anyone I want. If you want to see it, you can ask your wife to show it to you afterwards.” Elliot said coldly.

As the head of the family, Kai Wiens forced his own daughter to death. Elliot didn’t bother to talk to such a man who was inferior to a beast.

“Mr. Foster, come with me.” After a brief hesitation, Mrs. Wiens got up from the sofa and took Elliot to the next room for a private chat.

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