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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2460 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2460

“If you don’t ask things clearly, can you sleep tonight?” Elliot asked, “Tonight’s annual meeting If you need to be there, go and sit in your seat! I’ll come back after I ask the matter clearly.”

Avery nodded: “You just call him and ask him out. Just go to a nearby restaurant to meet. It’s late, don’t go too far away.”

“Well. I’ll go out first.” Elliot said, glanced at the bodyguard next to him, and the bodyguard immediately followed him.

After Avery watched Elliot and the bodyguard go out, she returned to her seat and sat down.

“Mom, where is Dad? Where did he go?” Layla asked, seeing that Dad wasn’t back.

Avery: “Your dad has something to deal with.”

“What’s the matter? Could it be dangerous?” Layla was worried.

“There will be no danger. If there is danger, I won’t let him go.” Avery coaxed, “If it goes well, your father should be back soon.”

Elliot came out of the venue and called Hayes.

Hayes didn’t realize the danger was coming. After receiving the call from Elliot, he said earnestly, “Boss, do you have any orders?”

“You come out now, I have something to explain to you.” Elliot’s tone was calm, listening to no turbulence.

Hayes didn’t think much, and immediately went out from the rental house: “Okay boss, send me the address, and I’ll rush over immediately.”

After hanging up, Elliot sent the address to Hayes.

Half an hour later, Hayes came to the restaurant that Elliot ordered.

After seeing Elliot, Hayes was a little cautious: “Boss, aren’t you going to attend the Tate Industries’s annual meeting tonight?”

Elliot: “Well, there is an emergency, so I came out first.”

“What emergency?” Hayes asked, “What do you need me to do?”

Elliot’s fingers holding the coffee cup tightened slightly, and he looked at Hayes coldly: “What deal do you have with Norah Jones?”

Hayes heard Norah’s name made his face turn black with fright!

“Do you know why I didn’t go to Norah, but to you?” Elliot’s voice came word by word, gloomy, “Even if I kill Norah, there may not be a single truth in Norah’s mouth. Because she is not afraid of death. If you are not afraid of death like her, you can play tricks on me.”

Hayes shook his head again and again: “Boss, can you tell me how you know I know her?”

“Now is I’m interrogating you, you just need to answer my questions.” There was a trace of impatience in Elliot’s eyes.

“Boss, I’m not familiar with Norah. It was Norah who came to me through my friend. She knew that I was going back to Aryadelle to develop, so she found me and said that she could help me enter Sterling Group.” Hayes realized the seriousness of the matter. After that, he immediately confessed, “She asked me to help her keep an eye out for people with scars on their wrists.”

Almost instantly, Elliot thought of Gloria Wiens.

Didn’t Gloria have scars on her wrists?

“Norah didn’t tell me why she was looking for someone with a scar on her wrist. After I got the offer from Sterling Group, I called her and told her not to contact me again. Boss, I’m really very happy to cherish this job. I didn’t do anything wrong to Sterling Group and you, you can investigate me.”

“You saw the scar on Gloria’s wrist, right?” Some questions were figured out in Elliot’s mind.

When Gloria met Hayes for the first time, she was very indifferent to Hayes.

She looked down on Hayes at all, and never thought of having any entanglements with Hayes.

But in the recording, she called Hayes, and her tone was very gentle. But secretly recorded and sent the recording to Avery to report Hayes, indicating that she was not really with Hayes, and that Hayes must have threatened her.

“Boss, you…how did you guess that?” Hayes didn’t expect Elliot to know this.

Didn’t Gloria return to Yonroeville?

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