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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2457 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2457

After being locked up for three days, Gloria Wiens decided to marry.

“Gloria, have you really figured it out?” Mrs. Wiens asked.

“Mom, since I can’t fight against the evil forces, I can only bear it.” Gloria said calmly, “I said, I never thought of implicating my family. I made a mistake, just punish me alone.”

“You still haven’t figured it out.” Mrs. Wiens said distressedly, “Mom knows you can’t figure it out. Because you are wronged. Mom also feels wronged. But Gloria, you have to know that there are still many people in Yonroeville who can’t even eat enough. What’s the point of being wronged by this?”

“Mom, you’re right.” Gloria echoed, and asked, “Is my sister on vacation? I haven’t seen her for a long time, and I want to stay with her for a while.”

Mrs. Wiens: “Giselle is in her room, go and see her!”

Gloria walked towards Giselle Wiens’s room.

Gloria knocked on her sister’s door, and soon the door opened.

“Sister?” Giselle’s eyes suddenly brightened when she saw Gloria, “Didn’t they lock you in the room and not let you out?”

“I lied to them that I was willing to marry, so I am free now.” Gloria entered Giselle’s room, and explained, “Little sister, I have something to ask you.”

“Sister, if you don’t want to marry someone, can you just lie to them so you don’t marry?” Giselle wondered.

“Little sister, I have my own way.” Gloria raised the corner of her mouth and held her sister’s hand, “Brother took my mobile phone away. After I leave this house, you can go to elder brother and get my mobile phone. Say you want to keep it as a souvenir.”

“Sister, are you leaving? Where are you going?” Giselle was a little flustered.

“I’m going to a far away place. When I’m gone, I can live an unfettered life. Little sister, in the recording of my mobile phone, the top piece of audio is very important. You can get my mobile phone and help me when the time comes. Send that audio to someone.”

Gloria picked up her sister’s pen and wrote an email. “You can send the audio to this mailbox when the time comes.”

Giselle nodded without thinking.

“Actually, I don’t hate my parents, and I don’t hate my elder brother. But little sister, I like you the most, and you are the one I can’t worry about the most.” Gloria held her sister’s hand again and urged, “You must study hard. If you can leave here in the future, just leave here.”

Giselle: “Sister, you…”

“I remember that you used to like to make hairpins. The hairpins you made are beautiful and delicate. Do you still make new ones?” Gloria interrupted her sister’s words and asked.

“I do less now. I’ll show it to you.” Giselle got up and went to get the vanity case.

After a while, she came over with a wooden box.

Gloria opened the box and said with a smile, “Little sister, you are really amazing. The hairpins you make are getting better and better! Give me one!”

Giselle: “Sister, take whichever you like.”

“Okay. I’ll take the red one. Red looks good.” Gloria chose a hairpin with a red flower pattern.

Giselle: “Sister, I’ll put it on for you! You have fair skin, and you’ll look good wearing it.”

Gloria: “Okay.”

A day later.

The nanny reported to Mrs. Wiens because she couldn’t open Gloria’s room door.

“Miss locked the door for a whole day today. I called her to have breakfast in the morning and she didn’t respond, and she didn’t open the door when I brought her lunch at noon. It’s night now, and her door is still closed. How can she not eat for a day? What about it?” After the nanny finished speaking, Mrs. Wiens immediately went to find a spare key for the room.

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