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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2456 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2456

The party Elliot was at the same table as them.

After Tammy asked this question, everyone looked at Gwen and Elliot.

“Brother, can I tell?” Gwen took a deep breath and asked Elliot.

Avery saw that Elliot’s face was blushing, so she spoke first: “Gwen, if you want to say it, it’s fine.”

“Oh…” Gwen got Avery’s answer, and then returned to Tammy, “Anyway, I gave it a lot, I didn’t want it at first, but Ben accepted it.”

Tammy said with a puzzled look: “Ben, you can really do it.” Looking at Avery and Elliot with a smile, she added “Really?”

“Of course, they are all a family.” Avery said, “Marriage is like a practice, marriage is just the beginning, and then you need to use more patience to manage this feeling well.”

“Avery, are you so knowledgeable now? Yes, you and Elliot have been through ups and downs for more than ten years, and you have really experienced a lot. Do you consider publishing a book in the exam?” Tammy asked.

Avery asked back, “Tammy, ​​have you started writing your story ‘the husband’s rule’?”

Tammy immediately covered her mouth and coughed.

Jun heard the words ‘the husband’s rule’, and immediately looked at the two of them curiously: “What is the husband’s rule? Is that what I thought?”

Tammy picked up the water glass and took a sip of water, Forced to calm down: “Husband, if I write a book on how to conquer men, do you think I will succeed?”

Jun was stunned for a moment, and then replied: “I think Avery’s writing may be more successful.”

“Hahahaha!” Tammy burst into laughter.

Avery felt that she lifted a brick and hit her foot.

Elliot’s face turned even redder.

“Elliot, if Avery wrote a book of rules for controlling husbands, you wouldn’t have any objections, would you?” Tammy teased.

Elliot: “As long as she writes, I will support her.”

“Oh…Avery, did you hear that? Your husband supports you! How about we write together! Hahaha!” Tammy booed, ” I write about how to conquer the little wolf dog type of man, and you write about how to conquer the iceberg president type of man.”

Tammy felt that her idea was wonderful.

Gwen answered: “Isn’t Avery the one who kills all types of men?”

Tammy: “…” She felt that Gwen made sense at the same time as if she was being violently attacked.

Avery’s cheeks burned up: “Don’t talk about me. Today’s protagonists are Gwen and Ben.”

“Why are the protagonists not protagonists? Many fun parts of today’s wedding have been removed. I think today’s wedding party is more like a large-scale wedding party.” Gwen sighed, “The most regrettable thing today is that Hayden didn’t make it back.”

“Suddenly bad weather caused almost all flights over there to stop. Fortunately, Mike and Chad came back early.” Avery said.

“Well, this situation must be safety first. I now hope that Hayden can come back before the Spring Festival.” Gwen turned on the phone and showed a message to Avery, “Hayden sent me a blessing message this morning.”

“Who Besides, Hayden is not gentle and considerate, I will be the first to refute. Hayden is really the warmest boy I have ever seen.” Ben boasted, “Hayden has perfectly inherited Elliot’s character. He looks cold, but in fact his heart is also very soft.”

Tammy let out a ‘poof’ and burst into laughter: “How soft is it?”

“Ask Avery.” Ben shifted the topic to Avery again.

Avery was immersed in eating, but after hearing Ben’s words, she immediately asked, “Aren’t you all hungry? Didn’t you say to play cards after eating? Are you going to play cards hungry?”

Avery’s words settled down, and everyone immediately started eating…



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