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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2453 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2453

“No!” After Gloria said, she immediately went to the door to change her shoes.

Before Hayes could react, Gloria had already walked out with a ‘bang’ and slammed the door behind her.

Foster family.

After Avery woke up, she picked up her phone to check the time.

But she saw a message from Gloria: [Ms. Tate, my father is seriously ill, and I am at the airport preparing to go home. I don’t know when I will be able to come back to work, sorry.]

After reading the message, Avery replied: [You go home first and spend time with your family. Don’t worry about work. I welcome you whenever you come back.]

After sending the message, Avery put down the phone.

“Honey, I might have to hire another assistant.” Elliot came out of the bathroom and asked, “What’s wrong? Gloria isn’t doing it anymore?”

“Her father is seriously ill, so she’s gone home.” Avery frowned slightly, “I have a strong hunch that she won’t come back.”

Elliot said, “If you don’t want trouble, then I’ll recruit another one.”

“Let’s talk about it after a year! What if she comes back?” Avery murmured, “She told me that she is unmarried because the man she likes is dead, and she thinks she can’t fall in love with another man. But yesterday Mike met her, said she has love marks on her neck…”

Elliot blushed slightly: “Do you think she lied?”

Avery: “Too consistent. At least she is definitely not as simple as I imagined.”

Elliot understood what she meant.

“Since she’s gone and most likely won’t come back, then treat her as if she hasn’t been here.” Elliot comforted.

“Well. I have nothing to worry about. She has money at home, so there shouldn’t be any difficulties.” Avery was relieved quickly, “The vice president told me last night that Eric’s commercial was filmed, and let me go today. Let the company take a look.”

Elliot: “The filming is very fast.”

“Now only the material shooting has been completed, and the post-editing work has not yet been done.” Avery replied, “Editing is also very important.”

“You are planning to release advertisement before the end of the year?”

“If the editing can be completed today, the vice president will probably want to announce it today.” Avery took a set of clothes from the closet, “The vice president said that during the annual meeting, he would invite Eric to the scene, It’s an endorsement campaign.”

Elliot: “It can be seen that your vice president likes Eric very much.”

Avery: “What he likes is the commercial value of Eric. What I admire about him is that he never hides his thoughts.”

Elliot: “Very good. Just let him do it. When the financial report comes out next year, reward him according to the situation.”

Avery: “Well.”



When Gloria returned home, she saw her father, her father was in good health.

Didn’t her brother tell her that her father was in intensive care?

Why did she come home so soon?

Did they all lie to her?

A layer of cold sweat broke out on Gloria’s palm.

“Gloria, your dad is fine.” Mrs. Wiens walked up to her daughter and held her hand, “but our family is indeed in trouble.”

Gloria looked at her father blankly.

Mr. Wiens clenched his fists tightly and stared at Gloria with hatred.

“If someone else came here and asked you by name, I didn’t even know you had trouble with Lorenzo! You are so brave! You dare to hook up with someone like Lorenzo! This short-lived ghost, run to Avery’s side!”

Gloria was very puzzled by what her father said.

Gloria: “Father, who told you about me and Lorenzo? You just said, who wants me?”

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