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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2449 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2449

message four: Forbearance forbearance.

Avery was stunned after reading the few messages Elliot sent.

She casually clicked on one of the before and after messages.

This was Ben complaining that Gwen didn’t take medicine, saying that Gwen didn’t take her body seriously, he couldn’t control Gwen anymore, and said in the group that he didn’t want to care about Gwen in the future.

So Elliot said: be patient.

Avery didn’t expect him to be a peacemaker.

Avery clicked on another chat record. It was Jun who complained that Tammy went out to play in the middle of the night and didn’t come home, and didn’t care about the children. Jun said in the group that Tammy didn’t care about his feelings, and that day would soon be over. Can’t go down.

So Elliot said: Patience.

“Have you discussed me in the group?” Avery asked Mike with a smile.

“There should be! I don’t often click on that group. When there are red envelopes, I go in and grab the red envelopes.” Mike said cheekily.

Avery searched for the word ‘Avery’ in the chat records of that group, and sure enough, the group of men chatted with her privately.

Avery took a closer look, and basically everyone else talked about her, but Elliot didn’t talk about her.

For example, Ben asked in the group: Elliot, every time Avery makes you angry, how do you enlighten yourself? I can’t take it anymore!

For another example, Jun said in the group: Avery will definitely not be playing outside until midnight, right? Next time I see Avery, I have to ask Avery to educate Tammy well!


“Elliot never complained about me in the group.” Avery was satisfied and returned the phone to Mike.

Mike: “Is it possible that Ellot didn’t dare to speak ill of you because I was in the group? Otherwise, if I find out, I’ll definitely tell you!”

Avery: “…I have a relationship with Elliot very good recently. It’s useless for you to sow discord.”

“Since the two of you are so good, why do you still check my cell phone?” Mike retorted.

“Shut up and drive well.” Avery didn’t want to listen to Mike anymore.

Tate Industries.

Gloria called her mother and asked her to send some tea.

Mrs. Wiens: “Gloria, if you don’t listen to your mother, you will suffer sooner or later. Our family doesn’t need you to work outside, so why do you have to show your face outside? When you get into trouble, Mom and Dad don’t think you will be implicated.”

“Mom, I won’t cause trouble.” Gloria wanted to reassure her mother, “I will definitely not do anything that will harm you and Dad.”

Mrs. Wiens: “How can you believe what you said? How did you promise me in the first place? You asked me to sponsor you to go to university in Aryadelle, and I secretly gave you money every month, for fear that you would suffer in Aryadelle. You promised to come back after graduation, but you broke your promise again. Your father is very angry. Blame me for secretly giving money to you. If I didn’t secretly give you money, you would have been unable to bear the pain and come back.”

“Mom, I won’t cause trouble for the family.” Gloria didn’t know how to answer her mother’s question, so she could only repeat this sentence over and over again. Then, “Mom, I just want to know whether Avery is a good person or a bad person. I am working by her side now, and I should be able to clear my doubts soon.”

“Whether she is a good person or a bad person, what does it matter to you? She did the family killing case, so what? Are you going to kill her? If you dare to do this, you will force our whole family to die with you! You are unfilial! You are for a man who doesn’t want you. If you kill the whole family, you will go to hell if you die!” Mrs. Wiens cursed, “Your father doesn’t know about this. If you let him know, do you believe that he will cut off relations with you immediately?”

“Mom, don’t tell Dad. Please. I just want to know the truth. I won’t do anything.” Gloria begged, “Send me some tea!”

Mrs. Wiens sighed: “It’s already late at night, I’ll send it to you tomorrow! Your dad has a wine party tonight, and he hasn’t come back yet.”

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