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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2446 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2446

“Why are you so gossipy? Didn’t you read her resume?” Avery walked towards the elevator, “Wait for me at the airport, I’ll go there right away, and we’ll meet again.”

“Okay, pay attention to safety on the road. It’s snowing outside!” Mike stood at the gate of the airport, looking at the sky.

The temperature of Aryadelle was much warmer than that of Bridgedale as a whole.

Mike was standing outside, and he was feeling that blowing the cold wind didn’t too cold.

Forty minutes later, Avery came to the airport and met Mike.

“Do you know why I asked you to pick me up instead of taking a taxi to find you?” Mike carried the big suitcase and put it in the trunk.

Avery stood by the car and looked at him: “because of this suitcase?”

“Yes! It’s full of gifts for your children. It’s really stupid to run around with this suitcase. So you come and pick me up, If I put your trunk directly, won’t it solve the problem perfectly?” Mike closed the trunk, walked in front of her, stared at her face, “You have gained weight.”

Avery: “…”

Avery knew what she looks like now, and knew her current weight.

She just gained two kilograms more than she did a while ago. Was it that obvious to the naked eye?

She looked in the mirror every day and didn’t feel that she was obviously fat.

“Why is your mouth getting more and more annoying?” Avery wanted to reach out and pinch the flesh on his arm, but she couldn’t pinch it in winter when she wore too much.

“Isn’t it allowed to tell the truth these days? You see that after you gain weight, you look much better than before!” Mike supported her and took her into the back seat, “I’ll drive, you can sit and rest.”

Avery was amused by his dog-leg appearance: “I haven’t eaten lunch yet! Have you eaten?”

“No! Go eat near the company! Get your new assistant together.” Mike closed the rear door, then get in the driver’s seat.”

After the car drove out, Avery took out er mobile phone and dialed Gloria Wiens.

“Gloria, have you eaten? If you haven’t, then wait. A good friend of mine wants to invite you to dinner.”

Gloria was a little surprised: “Why did your good friend invite me to dinner?”

“Hahaha! He is one of the founders of the Tate Industries. He heard that I hired a new assistant, so he wants to meet you.” Avery explained.

“Okay.” Gloria replied, “Then I’ll wait for you at the company.”

“You go to the restaurant to order first, and I’ll send you the restaurant address later.” Avery said, “We will be there in about half an hour.”

Gloria: “Okay.”

After speaking on the phone, Avery sent the address to Gloria. Then sent the dishes that Mike liked to eat and let her order first.

“Gwen is pregnant, did you know?” Avery put the phone in her bag after sending the message, and said to Mike.

“Hahaha! As you said, we have a small group.” Mike looked smug, “Ben sent a red envelope to the group yesterday afternoon! I guess it sent tens of thousands!”

Avery: “…”

Just because Ben announced the news in the group, Chad took me back.” Mike continued, “Do you know what Chad said? He said that Ben is an old man. Good friend, you must come back to congratulate him.”

“If Chad dares to say the words “old man” in front of Ben, I think their relationship will be very dangerous.” Avery complained, “Why did Chad become a crow’s mouth? Has he been assimilated by you?”

“What does it have to do with me? He only said it in private, but not in front of Ben. Don’t you and Elliot not speak out in private?” Mike doubted.

Avery: “At least we won’t say that Ben is old.”

“That’s because Elliot is as old as Ben! Hahaha!” Mike’s laughter was magical, lingering throughout the carriage.

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