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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2443 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2443

Hayes immediately handed Gloria the menu: “Order first! At this point, you should be hungry.”

“Let’s just get down to business!” Gloria pushed the menu away, “You said someone is looking for me, who is looking for me?”

Hayes took the menu, ordered a few signature dishes, and gave the menu to the waiter.

After the waiter left, Hayes picked up the kettle and poured a glass of water for Gloria in a hurry.

“Assistant Wiens, I can’t tell you who you are for the time being. But I can tell you how you exposed.” Hayes had already prepared a draft in his mind, so he spoke calmly.

Gloria didn’t speak, and looked into his eyes calmly. She was completely unaware of when she was exposed.

“The scar on your wrist is rare.” Hayes pointed out the question, “I don’t understand what you did, but I can tell you that the person looking for you is not a small person.”

Gloria listened to his words, Immediately took off the left hand on the table.

“If you hadn’t taken off the wristband last night, I wouldn’t have found out.” Seeing the mess on her face, Hayes was even more certain that she had a problem.

“I’m not the only one with scars on my wrists. How do you know that the person behind you is looking for me?” Gloria wanted to deny it. She also wanted to know if Hayes had any other information besides this information.

“Assistant Wiens, since I’m sure it’s you, I naturally have a way and a reason for my identification. My relationship with that person is not very good, I can betray you, and I can keep you. If you want me to protect you, you must promise me a request.”

“Hayes, you mean that the person is looking for a person with a scar on the wrist, but the person doesn’t know what the person with a scar on the wrist looks like, right?” Gloria said.

“Gloria, if I don’t say something, it doesn’t mean I don’t know anything. Although it’s not Elliot and Avery who asked me to help you, but this matter must have something to do with them. You want to be Elliot by submitting your resume. It’s not because you need this job and you need to earn more money. My boss has made a thorough investigation of your details, and your information is now lying in my folder. Miss Wiens, if I’m not sure, How dare I threaten you?”

Hayes picked up his words and waited for Gloria’s reaction.

Gloria took out her mobile phone and sent a message to her mother-in-law: [leave here with Siena.]

“Gloria, I know you don’t like me, and I didn’t ask you to marry me.” Hayes planned to go step by step, “I just want you to be my girlfriend. The first time I saw you last night, I-I’m amazed by you.”

“Sc*mbag.” Gloria said unceremoniously, “Didn’t you say last night that you broke up with your ex-girlfriend, that you were heartbroken by your feelings, and you just want to work hard? You said this in front of your boss. “

“My boss is also a man. If I fall in love with you, he will definitely understand me.” Hayes felt that Elliot and Avery would not interfere with his relationship with Gloria.

“What if I don’t agree?” Gloria didn’t want to get married and didn’t want to fall in love with Hayes.

Hayes looked like a handsome gentleman, but he was actually a mean person.

Being with this kind of man made her feel sick every second.

“Gloria, I know that you have high spirits and high vision, so naturally you don’t look down on me. Since I can’t get you, I can only tell that person your information.” An indifferent dark light flashed in Hayes’s eyes, “Really It’s a pity that Avery likes you so much. If you continue to stay by Avery’s side, maybe your plan can be successfully completed!”

This sentence was like a basin of cold water, splashed on Gloria’s face that let her wake up instantly.

The purpose of her coming to Aryadelle was to get close to Avery. Now that she had successfully stayed by Avery’s side, how could she give up halfway?

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