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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2436 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2436

Foster family.

After Elliot and Avery returned home, Layla immediately ran to Avery.

“Mom, isn’t Uncle Eric going to be the spokesperson of the Tate Industries? He is going to shoot our company’s commercial tomorrow. Take me to the scene to watch him shoot!” Layla didn’t know where to find out the shooting news.

Avery also confirmed the shooting time with Eric today.

“Layla, I have promised you Aunt Gwen, I will take you and Robert to see her tomorrow.” Avery said, “Don’t you like to attend other people’s weddings? Tomorrow your Aunt Gwen’s wedding will be rehearsed, it’s fun!”

Layla was confused. She wanted to watch Aunt Gwen’s wedding rehearsal, but she also wanted to watch Eric’s commercial.

“Mom, let me think about it! I want to go on both sides.” Layla pouted and glanced at Elliot, “Dad, where are you going tomorrow?”

Elliot chuckled lightly: “Dad is going to the company tomorrow. The company goes to work.”

“Oh…then I’d better watch Uncle Eric’s commercials! Auntie Gwen is just a wedding rehearsal tomorrow, not a real wedding. I can watch it again when she gets married. When Layla thought of this, her mind suddenly became open-minded and transparent, “Mom, then I’ll tell you! I’ll call Uncle Eric and ask him to pick me up tomorrow!”

Avery: “…”

Layla ran away, not giving Avery a chance to react at all.

“Is your daughter’s grades out yet?” Elliot asked.

“The teacher said that the grades will be released in a week.” Avery replied, “Let her play! Before the exam, the child is studying every day and night. During the day and at night, she is more tired than we go to work. Now it’s time for her to relax.”

Elliot also felt sorry for Layla, so he had no objection: “Is Eric’s shooting indoors or outdoors?”

“I didn’t ask the specific details. But I guess it should be outdoors.” Avery couldn’t help laughing at him, “Because we are selling drones.”

In order to regain face, Elliot forcibly defended: “Don’t you know the special effects? You can shoot it indoors, surround it with a green cloth, and then create an outdoor scene later.”

Avery: “Why bother? “

Elliot: “It’s winter now, how cold is it outdoors!”

“Oh, are you afraid that your daughter will be frozen when she goes to the Eric filming tomorrow?” Avery saw through his thoughts, “Don’t worry, Your daughter is in good health! They have physical exercises every day at school, and her health is better than ours.”

Elliot: “You can’t be negligent just because your daughter is in good health. I will accompany my daughter to the filming site tomorrow. A thicker down jacket, as well as snow boots, hats, gloves, scarves and the like.”

“I’ll look for it right away.” Avery smiled, “Then you and Layla will go to Eric tomorrow, and Robert will go to Gwen’s side.”

Elliot: “Yeah.”

The next day.

Eric came to pick up Layla early in the morning.

Elliot wrapped Layla tightly, and then contentedly led her into his car.

“You go ahead and lead the way.” Elliot said to Eric, “I’ll go see your shooting.”

“We’re going to shoot in the snow, where the minimum temperature is minus ten degrees. You may need to bring a thick coat.” Eric looked at Elliot’s thin coat and joked, “Don’t get frostbite, Avery will trouble me then.”

“Dad, go and wear more clothes! Otherwise, you will faint from the cold, and Uncle Eric won’t be able to shoot normally.” Layla said worriedly.

Elliot: “???”

Elliot fainted, but her daughter was worried that Eric’s filming would be affected?

“Mom! Dad’s wearing less! Get Dad a thick coat!” Layla shouted into the villa, seeing Dad standing motionless beside the car.

Not long after, Avery took out a long men’s down jacket.

“I’ll just say you’re wearing less clothes. You’re staying outdoors, you’ll definitely catch a cold if you wear less clothes.” Avery was not in a hurry to go out, so she hadn’t changed out of her pajamas.

But when Avery went out, she put on a thicker nightgown.

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