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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2433 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2433

Gwen: [I understand the truth, but I don’t like doing inspections. Because every time the medical checklist comes out, a bunch of small problems can be checked out.]

Avery: [Everyone has small problems. As long as there are no major problems.]

Gwen: [Wait until my period is over. I’m all worried about having my period when I get married, it would be too embarrassing to do that.]

Avery: [It’s okay. You relax. Many brides are still getting married with a big belly!]

Gwen: [Mmmm, Ben plans to start vacation with me tomorrow. I actually knew he was very accommodating to me. I get mad at him a lot, but I know he’s not really mad at me. I am really worried that he will die in the future.]

Avery: […]

Gwen: [I dare not tell him this, for fear that he will get angry when he hears it. I sometimes get angry with him because I think he might die before me, leaving me alone in this world, what should I do.]

Avery: [Gwen, don’t think so much. A happy day is a day, otherwise thinking about unhappy things every day, how hard it is to live!]

Gwen: [After chatting with you for a while, I feel better. 😊😊😊]

Avery: [Robert and Layla are going on winter vacation. I’ll bring the children over to play with you.]

Gwen: [Okay, okay! When it’s time for our rehearsal, you all come together!]

Avery: [OK.]

In two days.

With his assistant, Elliot invited Avery and Gloria Wiens out for dinner.

Hayes worked by Elliot’s side for two days, and he was basically able to complete the tasks given by Elliot very well.

If Hayes maintained this working attitude, it would be no problem to change.

After the four met, the waiter immediately brought the dishes to the table.

“Boss, do you drink juice or milk?” Hayes asked Elliot in a low voice.

Elliot: “I’ll do it myself.”

Hayes immediately looked at Avery: “President Tate, do you want to drink juice or milk?”

“Ask Gloria! I’ll do it myself.” Avery smiled.

“Mr. Klein, I’ll do it myself.” Gloria said.

After Hayes poured himself a glass of juice, he put the juice pot on the table.

Gloria brought the juice pot and asked Avery, “President Tate, do you want juice?”

Avery handed over her cup: “Thank you.”

When Gloria Wiens poured the juice for Avery, Hayes saw Gloria Wiens wearing Bracer’s left hand.

It’s not how attractive her bracers were, but her skin was very fair, so white that it’s translucent.

Her skin was not only white, but also looked very delicate.

Hayes just stared at her hand for two seconds, and his face turned red involuntarily.

Elliot noticed the assistant’s gaffe, and handed over his glass: “Milk.”

“Okay.” Hayes immediately picked up the milk carton and poured milk for Elliot.

“Hayes, are you married yet?” Avery asked when she saw Hayes’s face was a little red.

Hayes: “Not yet. I had a girlfriend whom I had been talking with for three years. Because I decided to go back to work in Aryadelle, she broke up with me. Because she didn’t want to come to Aryadelle.”

Avery: “Oh, she’s not from Aryadelle, right?”

“Yes. She prefers her motherland, and I prefer mine, so there is no way to continue.” Hayes said helplessly.

“It’s okay, you’re so good, it’s still easy to find a girlfriend when your job stabilizes.” Avery comforted, afraid that Hayes would hit Gloria Wiens’s idea, so she cleverly said, “By the way, I forgot to tell you, Gloria is from Yonroeville.”

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