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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2432 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2432

Avery couldn’t help laughing: “You don’t have work in the afternoon?”

Elliot: “The work is always endless. You have to leave some work for the people under your command.”

“Vice President Locklyn specially hired it for me. He is very motivated at work.” Avery said with satisfaction, “When the time comes for our company’s annual meeting, will you go?”

“I will go if you let me go.” Elliot replied, “The children are going on winter vacation, so take the children to play with him.”

“Yes! Layla can come to play, I’m afraid Robert can’t stand the noise.” Avery considered that Robert would sit first Arrangement, too close to the stage and the sound may be too loud for the children, “When the time comes, you can take care of the children at home!”

Elliot: “…What about the annual meeting of my company?”

After thinking about it, Avery said: “I’ll go with you then.”

Elliot: “Where’s the child?”

Avery: “Layla is going to visit Eric during the winter vacation. Robert asked me to go to Kara or Maria to play with them! As long as he is tired from playing during the day, he will not make noise at night.”

Elliot: “…”

“Then what if I want to go to your company’s annual meeting? Can I send Robert to Wesley’s house to play?” Elliot made a small request, “Your annual meeting will be held in front of us, and I will see how your annual meeting is going.”

Avery: “If you want to come, you can! It’s just that when the host invites you to speak on the stage, then you have to go up. After all, you can’t be too embarrassed by so many people watching, right?”

Elliot: “….”

After returning home, Avery regained her energy after putting on her slippers.

She carefully packaged and sorted the gifts she prepared for the children.

It was mainly a gift for the children of G-Temple, which she packed in two relatively large shopping bags.

She waited until the day before the new year, and let the bodyguard sent it there. The gifts she chose for the children included picture books, stationery, trinkets that girls prefer, and cash red envelopes.

She hoped her actions could bring a touch of warmth to the children.

After doing everything, she picked up the phone and checked the time.

Layla had an exam today, and she would go home directly after the exam.

Mrs. Cooper had already started preparing dinner, fearing that Layla would be hungry when she came back.

Although exams were not physical work, they used too much brainwork and stress, and they were prone to hunger.

“Avery, I cooked big bone soup, would you like a bowl?” Mrs. Cooper asked when she saw that Avery was done.

“Okay!” Avery was not hungry, but a little thirsty.

Mrs. Cooper brought a bowl of soup and put it on the coffee table.

Avery wanted to call Aqi to ask if Layla’s exam was over, but at this moment, a message from Gwen came.

Gwen sent her a picture of a bowl of soup.

Avery didn’t expect such a coincidence, so she took a photo of her soup and sent it: [I’m drinking soup too.]

Gwen: [What kind of soup are you drinking? I drank pigeon soup. Ben went to buy a lot of pigeons this morning and asked the nanny to cook pigeon soup for me every day. I’m really convinced, he sometimes does things very exaggeratedly.]

Avery: [Hahaha! He cares more about you. Don’t argue with him over this trivial matter.]

Gwen: [I didn’t scold him. I started my vacation today and feel less irritable. And this is the first time I know that pigeon soup has the effect of regulating menstruation.]

Avery: [Generally, if you don’t check it, you won’t know this. He takes good care of you.]

Gwen: [Hmm. After I asked my agent for leave this morning, he wanted to take me to the hospital. He said he wanted to take me to the hospital for a full body checkup. I refused. Because I have a little pain in my abdomen today, I feel that my aunt is coming.]

Avery: [A general physical examination is still necessary. Under certain conditions, it is recommended to have a physical examination once a year.]

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