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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2431 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2431

Norah: “Sasha, the person I was looking for got an offer from Sterling Group.”

“Not bad. The speed is really fast! It seems that Elliot is very satisfied with him!” Sasha praised, “You have a good eye for people.”

Norah: “Yeah. He said that he will tell me about new discoveries next.”

“Then just wait!” Sasha was doing manicures in the nail salon, “Can you go out now?”

“I know if that person is still in my community. I’ll take a look later when I throw out the trash.” Norah was a little irritable, “If that person is still there, then you have to do anything in the future.”

Sasha: “It’s easy to say. Now that Elliot’s energy is on you, I’m much safer. That’s not bad.”

Sasha said this, but there was some truth to it.

“Then we will keep in touch, and I will notify you immediately if there is any progress.” Norah said.

Sasha: “Okay. If there is any danger, you will notify me as soon as possible. As long as you don’t betray me, I will never fall for you.”

Norah: “Sasha, don’t worry, we two are bound together, and we will definitely be more Tighten it.”

At a restaurant.

Elliot met Avery’s new assistant Gloria Wiens.

Seeing Elliot, Gloria Wiens immediately took the initiative to say hello: “Mr. Foster, hello. I’m Gloria Wiens, assistant of President Tate.”

Eric’s manager laughed and joked: “Generally, the bosses surnamed Foster don’t like being called President Foster. Boss Foster, Vice President, isn’t this a downgrade? You have to call Boss Foster.”

Gloria Wiens blushed and immediately changed her words: “Boss Foster, I’m sorry, I will pay attention to it later.”

Elliot glanced at Eric’s agent: “Have you watched too much TV?”

“It’s not really. I know a boss surnamed Foster. During a dinner, he told me that he hated people calling him President Foster the most.” The agent explained, “But Boss Foster, you are more successful, so you have a big pattern.”

“Let’s eat!” Avery looked at the food on the table and picked up his chopsticks, “Aren’t you hungry? I’ve been hungry for a long time. Gloria, don’t be restrained! We are all familiar with each other, so you’re welcome and now let’s eat more.”

“Okay boss.” Gloria Wiens picked up the chopsticks and began to eat softly.

Elliot saw that Gloria Wiens was wearing a skin-colored wristband on her left wrist.

In addition, Gloria speaks and does things, behaves and looks generous, no wonder Avery trusts her so easily.

After lunch, Elliot took Avery for a walk nearby.

“How do you feel about my assistant?” Avery asked.

“It’s alright.” Elliot recalled Gloria Wiens’s appearance, “I feel like a very calm person.”

Avery: “Yes. Her temperament is very elegant, giving people a feeling of neither arrogance nor impetuousness. Just looking at her, I feel very relaxed.”

“Maybe it has something to do with her tea art since elementary school.” Elliot said this with great interest, “Let’s go shopping!”

Avery: “What to buy?”

“Buy a New Year’s gift for the children.” Elliot said, “But if you’re sleepy, then I’ll take you back to the company.”

“I’m not sleepy. When I was in the restaurant, the heating was a little dizzy. Now I’ll wake up after the cold wind blows out.” Avery clenched her big palm tightly, “Let’s go shopping!”

The two of them went shopping from after one o’clock in the afternoon until more than three o’clock in the afternoon.

Avery had too many things to buy.

In addition to buying gifts for her own children, she also bought gifts for Tammy’s child, Shea’s child, and the children of G-Temple.

After shopping, Avery’s feet were sore.

The shoes she’s wearing today had high heels. Walking around in clothes was tiring.

Avery: “Husband, go back to the company! I’ll ask the driver to take me home.”

Elliot carried a large bag and a small bag and said, “I’m tired too. Let’s go home and rest together.”

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