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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2428 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2428

Avery blushed in embarrassment.

Avery: “That’s right, our company wants to speak to Eric.”

“Oh, that’s it! Since you have opened your mouth, Eric will definitely agree.” The agent replied without thinking, “When he finishes work, I will tell him.”

“Can I ask how much his endorsement fee is? You secretly tell me that I will talk to Eric when the time comes.” Avery said.

“Do you want to sign him at his market price?” the agent laughed, “His endorsement fee is not cheap. Just last month, a cosmetics company wanted to endorse him, and that cosmetics company wanted him to be the spokesperson of the whole line… Do you want to find him to be the spokesperson of the whole line or the endorsement of a single product?”

“The whole line.” Avery replied.

“Oh, the whole line of spokespersons is a lot more expensive! That cosmetics company’s line-of-line endorsement offers nine figures.” The agent said and was afraid of scaring Avery, so he said this rather abstract number.

Avery was not frightened. She knew that Eric was very popular in recent years.

Eric worked very hard, whether it was releasing songs or filming, he could basically see his works on hot searches every once in a while.

“Is someone an endorsement for you?” Avery asked.

“Yeah! They don’t have Eric’s private account.” The agent laughed, “You can talk to Eric directly. Because even if I tell Eric, Eric will call you. I can intervene in this matter but can’t handle it. You also know his temper. When he is obedient, he is very obedient and when he is not obedient, he would rather quit the circle than listen to me.”

“Well, did he accept the endorsement of that cosmetics company?” Avery continued ask.

“No! His endorsement depends on his mood, not the price.” The agent laughed angrily. “Do you know why he didn’t accept the endorsement from that cosmetics company?”

Avery: “I don’t know. He didn’t pick it up, it must be because the cosmetics company has a problem!”

The agent: “What can someone else have a problem with? If you can afford to ask him at such a price, it’s definitely not a small brand! It’s an international first-line brand, how much? Celebrities dream of being its spokesperson! Eric rejected their endorsement because they hired someone he didn’t like as a new product recommendation officer. Do you know what a new product recommendation officer means? “

Avery didn’t know. She only knew the difference between a full-line spokesperson and a product spokesperson.

“The new product recommendation officer is actually paying a star to help with an advertisement. It’s not even a single product spokesperson.” The agent complained, “I can only say that Eric is not short of money, so it is more willful.”

“He doesn’t seem to have received many endorsements.” Avery rarely saw Eric’s endorsements. On the contrary, other popular stars were more likely to see other people’s endorsement advertisements.

“Yeah! In fact, there are a lot of companies looking for his endorsement, but he basically rejected them. He devoted himself to writing songs and filming. Isn’t variety shows very popular now, and many variety shows offer super high prices to invite him to participate, he didn’t pick up any of them.” The agent said sadly, “I have come into contact with so many artists, but he is the only one who can lay down and make money, but he doesn’t do it.”

Avery: “Respect him! The most important thing in work is to be happy.”

“Can I disrespect him? He doesn’t listen to me at all!” The agent smiled happily, “He’s about to finish work. He saw me talking on the phone.”

“Tell him about it!” Avery was suddenly nervous.

After listening to what the agent said just now, Avery felt that she was somewhat in a difficult situation.

Eric didn’t like to accept endorsements, but he himself made such a request.

After the agent agreed, he hung up the phone.

About five minutes later, Eric took back his mobile phone and dialed Avery.

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  1. Why would I care why Eric refused a company? 🙄 what a waste of time, for us, the readers and the writer, for writing this when he could have written something else.

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