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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2426 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2426

“Yes.” Elliot agreed, “I had a few HR interviews today, and they were all okay. I’ll meet again tomorrow.”

“Hahaha, they’re all excellent, right? I’ll see how you choose.” Avery thought that it’s difficult for him to choose.

“It’s impossible for everyone to have eyesight and talk to each other.” Elliot was not worried at all, “Your assistant went to work today, how do you feel?”

Avery: “I just chatted with her this morning, and then she went to work. I asked her to assist the administration department and be in charge of the annual meeting. This work is rather cumbersome, so I gave her to do it, first to train her, and secondly to see her ability to do things.”

“Well. Have you talked about Yonroeville?” Elliot asked, “She is from Yonroeville, so she should know what happened when we went to Yonroeville before.”

“What if she knows? Those things have already passed. People with a little brain will not take the initiative to talk to their boss about the boss’s private affairs.” Avery said calmly, “Does Chad dare to talk to you about your private affairs?”

Elliot: “Yes.”

Avery: “Husband, don’t you think Gloria, a young girl who has just graduated, will she know something?” Avery couldn’t help laughing, “She is very simple and honest, and she just wants to work hard now.”

“You have only met her twice, so you are so sure of her. Is this the kind of person you think?” Elliot patted her head, “I see that no matter how old you are, your mind has always been so simple.”

“Isn’t it better to be simple? If you are suspicious all day long, how tired! When there is something wrong with Gloria, or when she says the wrong thing, it’s not too late for me to doubt her. From the current point of view, she is indeed a good girl.” When Avery got off work today, she received a letter from the manager of the administration department. Information, the manager told her that Gloria Wiens was very serious and responsible.

Remembering the work done by the

Administration department, after asking them one by one, she checked with the hotel again.

“I asked my friends from Yonroeville to investigate. Gloria’s family is quite rich.” Elliot told Avery what he had investigated.

Avery was a little surprised: “What are you doing to investigate her family situation?”

“After all, it’s someone who is by your side, and the family situation must be investigated clearly. When I used Chad, I also investigated his family situation.” Elliot replied…

“Oh, okay! It’s better for you to be cautious.” Avery said here and asked, “How rich is her family?”

“Her family has thousands of acres of tea gardens. At the same time, the family also runs a tea Factory. Their family grows tea, sells tea, and makes the tea they grow into a brand. They are famous in Yonroeville.” Elliot said, “Although she has a brother and a sister in her family, but their family is very famous. The condition is that children don’t need to work hard outside.”

Avery probably understood what Elliot meant.

Avery: “Are you suspicious of her motives?”

Elliot: “I understand why she dares to submit a resume for my assistant position.”

Avery: “…I thought you found something wrong with her.”

Elliot: “I don’t see anything wrong with her so far. Their family has no contact with the Jobin family.”

Avery: “Oh, even if their family has any relationship with the Jobin family, it is between her family and the Jobin family. She’s a little girl, what kind of relationship can she have with the Jobin family?”

Elliot: “I think so too. She has never heard anything about her since elementary school, except for participating in tea competitions. It is said that she is a good girl who follows the rules.”

Avery: “I felt it the first time I met her. And she told me about her and her family. She has a scar on her wrist, and she said that her parents were very controlling on her. She came to university in Aryadelle to gain her freedom through resistance. It was also to escape the control of her family’s elders.”

Elliot heard her words and gained a new understanding of Gloria Wiens.

“Maybe she has experienced something to make such a change.”

Under normal circumstances, people were stimulated before doing extreme things.

A good girl like Gloria couldn’t sleep and woke up suddenly with a sudden change in temperament.

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