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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2424 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2424

As soon as the words ‘aunt’ came out, all the men present showed unnatural expressions on their faces.

“Gwen, you really didn’t treat us as outsiders!” Jun smiled awkwardly.

Gwen said with embarrassment: “You are all married, and your children will all be soy sauce. What’s the matter!”

Tammy laughed and asked, “Is your aunt always accurate? Before I gave birth, I often went a disorder that is mainly due to my irregular work and rest, and my eating habits are not good. It is useless to see a doctor. Even if I take the medicine and adjust it, it will be disordered again within two months.”

Gwen seems to have found a bosom friend: “My usual time is accurate, but it’s not normal… It’s been abnormal all the time! Because I eat less and can’t keep up with my nutrition, I usually have a very small amount… It’s useless to see a doctor, the doctor tells me to eat more, I can’t eat more! If I eat too much, I will gain weight, and it is very difficult to lose weight. I asked a few colleagues, and their aunts are not normal, so I have never seen a doctor.”

Jun and Elliot : Why did the topic of “……” suddenly become like this?

They really don’t know how to answer.

Ben was a little excited: “Avery, is this bad for her body? I checked it online and said that if she doesn’t take care of it properly, she will grow old quickly…”

“When will you be able to see a doctor online? The Internet even said I was going to die!” Gwen scolded him.

“Brother Ben, don’t worry. Gwen has seen a doctor. If there are no other problems in the examination, then it’s not a big problem.” Avery said with relief, “I heard that many models do not have their period for a few months because of their diet.”

“Yes! I told Ben about this, but he didn’t listen. He was always anxious, he must have thought that this would affect his childbirth.” Gwen speculated.

Ben: “Gwen, I’m afraid that you have a problem with your body, and it has nothing to do with the child.”

Gwen: “I’m fine! What do you think is wrong with me?”

The two quarreled again.

“What’s so noisy about this?” Jun couldn’t stand it any longer, “Wait for Gwen to go to the hospital after her vacation this time! Aren’t you going to go on your honeymoon after you get married? Take advantage of this time to have a good time. Brother Ben, maybe it’s normal.”

Ben: “I think so too, but I don’t know what Gwen thinks.”

Gwen: “I can go and see the doctor, then don’t go on the honeymoon, the doctor will definitely prescribe medicine for me, should I bring medicine to you on my honeymoon? Why don’t I sleep at home!”

Ben thought about it and compromised: “It’s fine. As long as you are willing to see a doctor, everything else is easy to talk about.”

Gwen: “I’m not sick! That’s not a disease!”

How normal was a woman’s menstrual disorder, which woman had not experienced it?

“Gwen, Ben also cares about you, so don’t be angry with him. If you are angry, your body won’t be able to do it.” Tammy coaxed.

Avery explained: “Gwen may not be able to control her situation. Her hormone levels must be out of balance.”

“Avery, can I not take medicine in this situation?” Gwen asked, “I went to the hospital last time, Doctor prescribed a bunch of unpleasant medicines to me, and I really can’t take it.”

Ben echoed: “The medicine the doctor prescribed her last time was really unpalatable. Can’t these drug developers make the medicine taste better?”

“Have you eaten?” Gwen couldn’t help asking when she saw Ben’s heartache.

Ben blushed and cleared his throat: “You refused to take the medicine at the time, didn’t we have a fight? You refused to take it for life or death. After you went out, I secretly ate one… Almost didn’t send me away.”

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