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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2423 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2423

Gwen: “…”

“Brother Ben, are you afraid that the wedding will be in a hurry when the rehearsal is over, Right?” Avery smiled and comforted, “Didn’t Gwen say that she will take three days off beforehand? When she is on vacation, you can rehearse every day.”

Gwen replied: “Ben is just in a hurry. I don’t know what he is in a hurry for. I already told him that I would rehearse with him when I was on vacation, and he kept talking.”

Ben: “Gwen, it’s my first time getting married, so I’m a little nervous. I hope you can understand me.”

“It’s my first time too! Why am I not nervous?” Gwen said.

“Because you are young. Young people are generally more reckless.” Ben expressed his opinion.

“Reckless?” Gwen frowned, “Are you scolding me?”

“No! How can I scold you? This word probably means young, so fearless.” Ben said here, remembered Avery’s assistant, “Avery’s assistant is a good example. Her assistant, a fresh graduate who graduated this summer, even dared to submit a resume to Sterling Group. Do you think she is too daring? Obviously, the recruitment requirements require at least three Years of work experience, but she directly ignored the recruitment requirements.”

Gwen picked up her mobile phone and searched for the meaning of ‘reckless’: “The meaning of this word is obviously grass!”

Ben was stunned for a while, and took her mobile phone over and took a look.

“Wife, look, there’s more behind it!” Ben explained calmly, “Besides it means grass, there’s also…”

Ben wasn’t drunk yet, so what happened later, he couldn’t tell.

“Rude, reckless…” Gwen took back the phone after reading the meaning of ‘reckless’ while looking at the screen.

“Are you two not in the right state because you are getting married?” Avery chuckled, “Gwen, Ben is definitely not scolding you, so don’t be angry.”

“I also think that the two of us recently have a conflict. After New Year’s Day, we both became abnormal.” Gwen knew that there was a problem between her and Ben.

Ben was not as tolerant of Gwen as before, always suspicious.

Gwen also lost her temper more easily than before, and whenever Ben was wrong at all, she would quarrel with him.

“The two of you may need to communicate well. Marriage is a major event in life, and you should be happy.” Avery mediated, “Gwen, the New Year is coming soon, The work is endless, but you can take a vacation early and have a good rest.”

Gwen fell silent.

Ben couldn’t help saying: “Avery, if I said this, she would have been angry.”

Gwen: “You always want me to stay at home without work! Don’t you just want me to have a baby for you?! “

Ben immediately shut up.

At this time, Tammy laughed out loud and eased the atmosphere: “Gwen, don’t be angry. I have known Ben longer than you. Ben definitely wants children, but if he just wants children, he is actually very Simple. He is so good, how many women are willing to have children for him. But the person he wants to marry is you, and he is only willing to have children with you, which shows that he loves you more than children.”

After Tammy finished speaking, Avery immediately picked up the juice pot and poured Tammy a glass of juice.

Tammy said what Avery wanted to say.

Gwen’s face turned red all of a sudden. Sometimes she couldn’t control her emotions and always suspected that Ben had ulterior motives for her.

“I’ll discuss it with my agent tomorrow to see if the next job can be dismissed!” Gwen compromised, “Maybe I’m a little nervous. It made my aunt postponed.”

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