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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2422 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2422

After talking with the teacher on the phone, Gloria got the phone number of the little boy’s mother.

After Gloria adjusted her mood, she dialed the number.

After the other party answered the phone, he asked, “Who is it?”

“I’m Siena’s care taker. I already know about your son’s bullying of Siena. I hope your son can go to school tomorrow to apologize to Siena.” Gloria proposed her own request, “Of course, if you don’t want to, I won’t force you.”

the little boy’s mother: “Hehehe! Your words are so ridiculous! Siena scratched my son’s face…”

“Then doesn’t your son deserve it? He beat people first. If your son doesn’t apologize to Siena, he won’t be able to learn from this lesson that he did something wrong. If you condone your children like this, your son will grow up in the future. He will continue to provoke others and make more serious mistakes, and the punishment he will get in the future may be hemiplegia after being beaten, or going to jail.” Gloria spoke very fast, “That’s all I want to say, how do you educate him? If your son dares to bully Siena again in the future, I will let Siena beat your son hard. Until he is honest.”

The boy’s mother trembled with anger, “You, you…”

“Forgot to tell you, my family has money, even if I hurt your son, I can still pay for your son’s medical bills!” Gloria finished warning and hung up the phone.

Before taking Siena down the mountain, Gloria and Siena rarely met.

On the one hand, her studies were relatively heavy at the time, and she did not have so much energy.

On the other hand, Siena and her mother-in-law were on the mountain, very safe, and she didn’t need to worry about it at all.

So she didn’t expect that she would be so angry about Siena being bullied. It was as if her own child was being bullied.

Probably it has something to do with her mother-in-law’s constant remarks in her ear that Siena is sensible and sensible!

The other side.

Ben invited Elliot and Avery out for dinner tonight.

The reason for Ben’s treat tonight was that he was about to get married, and he was a little excited.

He not only invited Avery and Elliot, but also Jun and Tammy.

“It’s a pity that Chad went to Bridgedale, otherwise he would definitely ask him to come and drink together.” Ben and Jun sat together, “Jun, you can only drink with me tonight.”

“Brother Elliot can’t drink yet, is it?” Jun must be drinking with Ben.

Ben said on the phone and asked Elliot to come over for a drink.

“Elliot can’t drink it now.” Avery spoke first, “He can substitute milk for wine, or fruit juice for wine.”

If it was before, Elliot might still struggle, but now, after Avery’s words are settled, Without thinking, he picked up the juice pot and poured himself a glass of juice.

Ben looked at Elliot’s change with a stunned expression: “Elliot, you are too obedient now! You must be fine with a drink or two, right?”

“I should be fine with a drink or two, but Avery will be worried. Why bother? Worrying about these two glasses of wine?” Elliot said, raised his juice glass, and touched Ben’s glass, “Are you ready for the wedding?”

Ben: “I went to the wedding this afternoon to watch it. Next, everything is almost ready. It depends on when Gwen starts to go on vacation. The wedding company has been urging us to rehearse. I’m free, but Gwen is not.”

Gwen glared at Ben: “I’ll just complain about it in private, and now you’re complaining about me in front of everyone. Why are you like this?”

Ben: “Gwen, I didn’t complain about you! I swear, I’m really not complaining, I’m just stating the facts.”

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