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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2421 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2421

Gloria just returned to the rented house. After taking off her high heels, she put on slippers and walked towards the bedroom.

“It’s okay, just a little tired. Tate Industries is bigger than I thought, and the party at the end of the year is particularly grand. This is the first time I have been exposed to such a large-scale event.” After Gloria sat down on the bed, she felt thirsty. After getting hands-free, she went to get a water bottle to drink water, “I asked some employees today, and they all gave Avery a good evaluation.”

“This can only mean that Avery treats them well. How can employees know that they are doing things with money? What kind of person is the boss in private.” The mother-in-law said objectively, “To know what kind of person Avery is, you have to see what friends around her say and some of her private behaviors.”

The mother-in-law continued: “When you go to work, you can’t say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing. Otherwise, if you can’t turn around, you won’t be able to get to know her deeply.”

The mother-in-law added: “Miss, you’ve worked so hard like this!”

“The salary is quite high, when I get the salary, I will give you the money.” After Gloria took a sip of water, she loosened her hair.

The rubber band was tight today, and now the scalp was not very comfortable.

“Miss, Siena was bullied at school today.” The mother-in-law originally planned to go to school and find a job nearby to earn some money to support her family.

But she was worried that she was working again, and she couldn’t take better care of Siena.

Siena came back from school every day and had to eat dinner. Originally, the school served dinner, but the children seemed to be hungry every day.

“What’s the matter? The teacher didn’t tell me.” Gloria picked up the phone and glanced at the message box, but there was no message from the teacher.

“The teacher told me when I was picking up Siena. A naughty boy bullied Siena, Siena scratched his face, and his family came to the school to make trouble. Fortunately, there were other parents who helped us talk, So the teacher asked us to go home first.”

“Okay, I see. I’ll call the teacher later and ask.” Gloria sighed, and after a while, asked again, “Is Siena not hurt?”

“That boy scratched her hair and made her scalp red. I feel distressed when I see it.” Said the mother-in-law.

“How is Siena feeling?” Gloria asked.

“She is naturally optimistic. When she came back, she cried hungry and wanted to eat. After eating, she was happy, as if nothing had happened.” The mother-in-law said with relief, “I feel so sorry for her because she is too sensible.”

Gloria: “Well. After the weekend, I’ll go back to see you.”

The mother-in-law: “Okay. Miss, take care of yourself over there. Remember to eat on time and have a good rest.”

Gloria: “Well.”

After hanging up the phone, Gloria found the teacher’s number and dialed.

After answering the phone, the teacher immediately said, “Hello, Miss Wiens.”

“Hello, teacher, just now, Mother-in-law told me that Siena was bullied at school today. Although I am not Siena’s mother but guardian of her. I have to take care of this matter. Please tell me the contact information of the parents of the students who bullied her. Didn’t they go to the school to make trouble? I know the school is in the middle of it, so I will communicate with the parents of the other party. “

Okay, Miss Wiens. I told the Head Teacher about this, and the Head Teacher felt that the other parent was making trouble unreasonably. In the future, we will look at Siena more and not let her be bullied by the children again.”

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